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Sexual act which has one partner being used as a "bib" while the other partner eats a messy meal. The act generally consists of one partner wrapping their legs around the others head while the other eats bbq. The "bib" is there to catch reminints of fallen food and sauces, which are later eaten or licked from said "bib." Both partners are encouraged to take part in cleaning of the "bib".
Example; Joey turned down the offer of extra wet-naps at his favorite BBQ joint in anticipation of that nights Bibbing session with his fiancé.
by Ry guy 85 March 27, 2016
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The making of continual nonsensical sounds just for the sake of making those sounds, often to attact attention, or to cover embarasing silence
Bibbing, Car horn style...
Can be applied to Car Horns, especilay those lazy <deleted> that would rather tap the horn repeatedly rather than get out of the car and knock on the door they are parked next to.

Bibbing, Spoken Word....
Can be applied to those who stand there and go "erm... ahh... ehhh... ahhh... erm... well.. erm..." rather than admit they havn't got a clue

Can be applied to those who stand there and go "But....but.....but....but..." when they have just lost an argument, but dont know how to admit it, or want to admit it....
by Bwian June 18, 2006
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Using the keyboard of a smartphone with your nipples
Simon, Andy and Kieran were impressed when Emma was Bibbing out the lyrics to Roxanne by the police
by DaveHairdoGod July 04, 2018
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