Similar to part 3, but not as extreme. It is most likely just going out with someone. It doesn't include making out(which is part 2.5) or touching the privates of your other(which is part 2.8).

Anything sexual that isn't sexual intercourse can be defined as part 2.xx. The more sexual it is, the higher the digit.
Brian: "So we totally did part 2.5 last night, it was awesome."
Wes: "Woohoo! We got up to part 2.8, but Meg wanted to stop."
Brian: "We got up to part 3."
Brian and Wes: "Stfu."
by Brian Wesley Brian June 7, 2009
he first thing to know about sociopaths is that they lie: and they lie for no reason. And without remorse. Secondly, they are manipulative. They are so good at changing people's perceptions of reality to match their own. You’ll be convinced you remember an event correctly, and they can twist your mind and the world until you aren’t even sure anymore and suddenly YOU are the liar. Thirdly, they are selfish. The have not capability to feel anything from anyone other than themselves. They are narcissistic.

So when you hear that they are selfish people, you wonder “why would a sociopath ever have kids?” I honestly don't know. And if anyone finds an answer to this one, let me know. It probably suited their needs at the time. Maybe it gave them an audience that would implicitly believe all of their B.S. when the rest of the world stopped listening to them. But you don’t know for sure; you’d have to ask them. But then you’d probably get a lie instead of an answer. So all you can do is speculate.
part 2
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd March 12, 2019
A euphemism for death preferred by folks who find the word “death” to sound too final or macabre.
None of us know when Part 2 will begin; unless we make it happen ourselves, we don’t have a clue.
by Dr Bunnygirl August 24, 2019
An urban legend.

Something being wished and WISHED for.

A promise.

A treasure kept secret.
January 14th, 2073:

"Dad what is part 2?"
"Legend says it was meant to be the 8th world wonder, son."
by Ficpart2 January 14, 2020
This phrase that story time tiktokers always use to get more views each video and annoys literally every single people on tiktok
When the boy came across to his door, he did not believe what he just saw.
Like for Part 2!
by A_l_e_k December 25, 2020
Person A: Do you think 2020 Part 2 will exist?
Person B: Hopefully not
by AcidityBM November 20, 2020
You may call them peatsers, basically a brain and muscle function disease, but they are the wisest men on not just earth, everything. What is everything? You already know who has that answer. They know everything because they have not only been in the past and future, but this also includes the- 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 till infinity dimension. What really is infity? Exactly, it doesn’t work because it is always a step ahead with no answer, Cheesebrexmed knows the answer. They have been there after the infinity.

The end

Oh trust me, the text is not done, The End is where it all began, where the everything and nothingness began, where the Cheesebrexmed was born. Death is the least you should worry about…

The end, or is it? Will it ever end?
by Shez-e-brexmed June 2, 2022