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Like swearing something on the holy bible,if you say bib after telling some something you’re definitely telling the truth ;it could also be used as a way of agreeing with someone.
1st way to use it: rocky:”omg Tracy I’m pregnant”
Tracy:”Say BIB
2nd way to use it: Brody:”dude whales are so unattractive”
Scott:”Bro bib
by AnonA:) January 06, 2018
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A noun used to replace profane curse words such as "hell" or "fuck".
"What the bibs are you doing?"
"What is your bibs doing in my room?"
by $tefen September 01, 2006
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Bro Influencing Bro Syndrome

When one "bro" makes a decision and all other "bro's" follow immediately.

When "bro's" can't think for themselves because they have too many "bro's" thinking for them.
Bro #1: Yo dude, you should dump your slampiece.

***1 minute later: Facebook relationship status of Bro #2 is SINGLE***

Bro #2: Bro, I'm now single, let's find slammin biddies!

Ex Girlfriend: My ex has bad case of B.I.B.S!
by SPD (SlamPiece Dimes) September 29, 2011
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