Like swearing something on the holy bible,if you say bib after telling some something you’re definitely telling the truth ;it could also be used as a way of agreeing with someone.
1st way to use it: rocky:”omg Tracy I’m pregnant”
Tracy:”Say BIB
2nd way to use it: Brody:”dude whales are so unattractive”
Scott:”Bro bib
by AnonA:) January 6, 2018
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Sort of like saying "Foreal" or "Yeah".
Jeff you going to basketball practice today?
You're lying.
Bib I am.
by Kid Lolaa November 18, 2016
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A word commonly used in Detroit, it means swear something on the holy bible.

Pronounced like Byeb
by young$cat January 13, 2021
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A coward. Someone who won't take risks. They have no nuts and their scrotum is nothing but a bib for their penis.
Did you hear John didn't take home that girl from the bar last night? What a bib.
by Sleepyshaman45 March 19, 2022
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Like babe, but less. it’s meaning is between babe and buddy
Jess: “Can u pass me my keys?”

Derek: “sure bib.”
by Mr.Roger October 30, 2018
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In West London, to refer to Bib is to refer to Sammy Bib
Bib is an incredible artist!
by Timmy February 14, 2005
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