Ben is the best guy anyone could possibly have in their life. He might be a little shy sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t wickedly hilarious and witty! He is also the most caring person you could meet, and will give all the love in the world to the people he cares about the most. He gives incredible hugs and kisses, and is unbelievably sexy! Ben is very creative, and usually has a good career plan that revolves around his favourite creativities. If you have the chance to date a Ben, never let him go, because nobody else could be better!
Gosh... You’re dating Ben? He’s so hot!”

Ohhhhh Ben! He’s so so sweet! I want to get to know him!”
by WittyKit April 18, 2019
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someone who is a gen z kid but is actually a boomer at heart
"oh, that dude acts like a boomer, but he's a gen z kid"
"oh, that's a ben"
by julayjoel August 9, 2019
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Ben is an attractive man. He's smart, funny, and good looking. He has the prettiest eyes. He's an amazing kisser, once you kiss him once you wont want to stop. He knows how to drive a girl crazy just by every little thing he does. Hes very sneaky and can get away with almost anything. All the guys are jealous of Ben.
"Have you seen how good looking ben is?"

"Ben is lookin fine today!"

"I want some of ben."(;
by wannaBeHis November 26, 2013
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Wexford slang for weirdo. Also someone who confuses snooker with pool and plays total townie sneaky shots when they're getting beat.

Not to be confused with ordinary Ben, this Ben is probably a serial killer.

Also the owner of a weed shed where sometimes they serve pizza
"Why you acting all Ben like, you're freakin me out"
by dats wight wabbit March 16, 2020
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Ben is probably the best guy you will ever meet. He is great in bed and will be sure to make you happy every day.
How's your boyfriend?

Great he is a true Ben!
by Jessica j 1235 September 16, 2015
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Sexy, Laid back, Smart, Caring, Puts others needs before himself.

Has amazing class and can carry himself through many a situation. Toned body, amazing in bed, great tease and can hit all the right spots. Well endowed and not afraid to let people know. Type of guy who's ex girlfriends never really forget about. Rugged features makes him the ultimate underground hottie. Heart breaker or mender, can turn a girl on as fast as he can make her cry.
"Whoa who is that? I've never noticed him before!" "oh thats just ben" "damn he's sexy"

One minute I thought he was into me, the next he shut me down...must have been a ben"
by lehcarxo January 18, 2011
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The coolest person you will ever meet and is always really really funny. he is also the most fit athletic person you will ever meet and can kick but at times if needed. if you don't have a Ben in your life get one
Ben is so cool.
by davedoode September 16, 2017
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