someone who is a gen z kid but is actually a boomer at heart
"oh, that dude acts like a boomer, but he's a gen z kid"
"oh, that's a ben"
by julayjoel August 08, 2019
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Ben is one of the most important people you will ever meet in your life. he’s sweet, caring, selfless and will never ever put his needs before others. He’s always there for you and is never afraid to tell you what’s on his mind, he loves you like you’ve never been loved before and makes you feel like the only girl in the world. he has the cutest laugh and can make any girl smile if he wanted to. people like ben are so hard to find and when you find one you’ll never want to lose someone as special as him. he’s very good at sports especially basketball and has undoubtedly the best build & body. he’s one of the most incredible people on this earth.
i wish i had someone like ben
by Paris21 February 06, 2019
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Ben is an attractive man. He's smart, funny, and good looking. He has the prettiest eyes. He's an amazing kisser, once you kiss him once you wont want to stop. He knows how to drive a girl crazy just by every little thing he does. Hes very sneaky and can get away with almost anything. All the guys are jealous of Ben.
"Have you seen how good looking ben is?"

"Ben is lookin fine today!"

"I want some of ben."(;
by wannaBeHis November 26, 2013
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Tall and handsome, with a humble confidence. Extremely attractive, but doesn't know it. Good with his hands and does things in a particular "Ben" kind of way: sexy and with finesse. Shockingly witty but also gentle, kind, and generous. Men want to be like him. He could even turn a straight man gay. He thinks women don't notice him, but they do.

In the bedroom, Ben's main concern is to please his woman. He's passionate and very good at what he does. But he also knows when it's time to let his woman know who's boss and he takes control at just the right moment.

His eyes are the most striking blue. They pull you in for the most passionate kisses that never disappoint.
Damn, I need some more Ben in my life.
by Carpenter'sWife November 15, 2015
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Ben is one of the most amazing and sweet person u will ever meet... He will pick ur spirit up when it's low and will never let u down. When u fall down he'll be the one to catch you. When you first look into his eyes u instantly fall in love w him and there is nothing u can do to stop it. When u wake up in the morning u cant stop urself from thinking about him... All you can think about is his arms wrapped around u. Ur thinking about what it would feel like if his soft and gentle lips brushed up against urs. And when u finally see him, your heart melts.... it feels as if ur... well.... in love w him.... but u have to resist your urges bc he is so concealed that not even his best friend knows who he likes.... When the day is done, all u can think about is what it will feel like when he says he likes you and how u would wrap your arms around his husky body and kiss him.... the most gentle and moving kiss you have ever felt. And u finally know, he was always the one.... overall Ben is the best man u will ever know and even if u never date, he is a really great friend that u will never let go!
Ex: Sally: Omg i love Ben.... im so happy we r dating

Betsy: Im so mad u got him first!!!!!
by Imsoawesome7557 June 05, 2016
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He seems kind and shy but he probably eats orphans. He is basically an e-boy and will kill you in your sleep. He kinda hates everyone and like his orphans deep fried
Bob: Is Ben here?
Kim: Yes
Bob: Oh no
Ben: :)))
by Basically_Bob December 05, 2019
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shy, cute, amazing, innocent.

hes not mean at all, its impossible.
bestest kid ever
that kids ben as.
by niggageee September 25, 2010
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