an amazingly sweet and caring man. he will always be there for you, especially when you need him. he is extremely cute, and is the person you need to keep in your life forever. not many people know him, but if you do, you're one of the luckiest people alive. he's adorable, funny, caring, and just all around an amazing dude. he has low self esteem, but there is no need when you're a ben. he's a definite keeper.
'did you see that guy?'
yeah, he's a total ben.'
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by 33mph June 03, 2018
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Ben is one of the most amazing and sweet person u will ever meet... He will pick ur spirit up when it's low and will never let u down. When u fall down he'll be the one to catch you. When you first look into his eyes u instantly fall in love w him and there is nothing u can do to stop it. When u wake up in the morning u cant stop urself from thinking about him... All you can think about is his arms wrapped around u. Ur thinking about what it would feel like if his soft and gentle lips brushed up against urs. And when u finally see him, your heart melts.... it feels as if ur... well.... in love w him.... but u have to resist your urges bc he is so concealed that not even his best friend knows who he likes.... When the day is done, all u can think about is what it will feel like when he says he likes you and how u would wrap your arms around his husky body and kiss him.... the most gentle and moving kiss you have ever felt. And u finally know, he was always the one.... overall Ben is the best man u will ever know and even if u never date, he is a really great friend that u will never let go!
Ex: Sally: Omg i love Ben.... im so happy we r dating

Betsy: Im so mad u got him first!!!!!
by Imsoawesome7557 June 05, 2016
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a smart, adorable, hilarious, and outgoing boy. a ben is the cutest thing you will ever see.
girl # 1: did you see ben’s super cute hair today?
girl #2: ugh yes! he’s so perfect.
by it’s ur girl February 13, 2018
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A man who is so freakishly awesome, handsome, funny, friendly and even a little bit nerdy that you have to love him. Bens typically come with brown to blackish hair, are white(the black bens are rare), and are a smidge taller than the rest of the kids in your school. There are probably 3 to 14 girls who like this ben. Either he knows or is completely blindsided. He is hilarious and will be sent to the principle's office for that many times in one year. He is awesome at doing anything you want and is committed.
Girl 1: Omg lyke ya did you see Ben walking down the hallway? He is lyke sooooooooooo cute.
Girl 2: Well he is mine you b*****.
by Ben Leroy March 07, 2012
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Sexy, Laid back, Smart, Caring, Puts others needs before himself.

Has amazing class and can carry himself through many a situation. Toned body, amazing in bed, great tease and can hit all the right spots. Well endowed and not afraid to let people know. Type of guy who's ex girlfriends never really forget about. Rugged features makes him the ultimate underground hottie. Heart breaker or mender, can turn a girl on as fast as he can make her cry.
"Whoa who is that? I've never noticed him before!" "oh thats just ben" "damn he's sexy"

One minute I thought he was into me, the next he shut me down...must have been a ben"
by lehcarxo January 17, 2011
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The coolest person you will ever meet and is always really really funny. he is also the most fit athletic person you will ever meet and can kick but at times if needed. if you don't have a Ben in your life get one
Ben is so cool.
by davedoode September 16, 2017
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