Ben is a cute, tall dark and handsome boy, the kind you take home to your mamma, they’re serious but really smart, they’re stern but really sweet, they’re mature and really immature at the same time. Theyre like a human computer and know a lot about many things. They’re studied and well read but can still be down to earth. They’re quiet and shy, mellow and silent but they have a lot to share with the world and want to make it a better place.
by BorkborkBork 🐶 April 8, 2019
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A cute ass guy. He's shy and talk and has perfect hair. He's very flirty and has the sexiest smile ever. Every girl wants him. And he only ever wants one.
Lauren: Omg Sarah who is that?!
Sarah: Oh that's Ben.
Lauren: Well he's hot!
Sarah: be careful he has a girlfriend.
Lauren: well I can make him forget her!
Sarah: Yeah good luck with that!
(Ben walks by)
Lauren: Heyyyy Beeennn
(Ben ignores her and keeps walking)
Sarah: See I told you he's loyal.
by Sexybitch54 May 23, 2016
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Ben is an amazing person. Anyone who knows him has received a great gift. He is a massive fan of hugs but he only gives them to people is cares about, so if you receive one of these special hugs, you are very lucky. His only downside is that he sometimes has difficulty finding the right girl, but when he does, he will be the most amazing boyfriend ever!
That boy last night was amazing. He must have been a Ben.
by Madlaa996 August 27, 2014
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Ben is one of the most amazing and sweet person u will ever meet... He will pick ur spirit up when it's low and will never let u down. When u fall down he'll be the one to catch you. When you first look into his eyes u instantly fall in love w him and there is nothing u can do to stop it. When u wake up in the morning u cant stop urself from thinking about him... All you can think about is his arms wrapped around u. Ur thinking about what it would feel like if his soft and gentle lips brushed up against urs. And when u finally see him, your heart melts.... it feels as if ur... well.... in love w him.... but u have to resist your urges bc he is so concealed that not even his best friend knows who he likes.... When the day is done, all u can think about is what it will feel like when he says he likes you and how u would wrap your arms around his husky body and kiss him.... the most gentle and moving kiss you have ever felt. And u finally know, he was always the one.... overall Ben is the best man u will ever know and even if u never date, he is a really great friend that u will never let go!
Ex: Sally: Omg i love Ben.... im so happy we r dating

Betsy: Im so mad u got him first!!!!!
by Imsoawesome7557 June 6, 2016
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Someone that is kind, loving, sweet and always there for you. A Ben will be very respectful and friendly. He won’t ever want to purposely hurt you. If you find a Ben, treasure him. He will treasure you.
I’ve never met someone like Ben.
by Sushi254 June 6, 2019
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Has a huge cock and can make and is so hot that any girl that looks at him will instantly be wet , he is the ultimate sex God and every single girl wants to fuck him
Girl : Oooo there's Ben
Friends: he's so hot I just wanna fuck him
by You to mother ducked August 15, 2017
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