Ben is silly and he know how to teat perople who are sad. he is a passionate lover and will do anything to make that one special girl happy. He only likes the cutest, sweetest and sillyest girls ever. To everyone who doesnt think this is true. Meet ben and find out.
by Bananajjuicy September 19, 2019
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Ben is a really special person! He can be an asshole sometimes but once you really get to know him you can see right through it! He gives the best hugs. And he is sweet and cute and funny and caring! Don’t ever let him go!
Ben is cute
by SArahforever October 16, 2019
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Bens are one of a kind, he’s handsome, sweet, caring, and will always put others before him self. He’s the funniest and most kindest person on the planet and will always make you feel good all around. He’s the cutest with those big blue eyes, if you get to meet Ben or even speak to him you might as well class yourself the luckiest person on earth.
Ben is the kindest person I know, and I could just get lost in those eyes.
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A super sweet awesome guy who loves all kinds of music. he is extremely sweet and has a great sense of humor. he would be the most amazing boyfriend or friend.
Girl: who showed you that band? Ive never heard of it!

Girl2: Ben showed me! isn't it awesome :D
by iLOVEu! November 7, 2011
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Ben is the cutest boy ever! He’s so sweet and is husband material. He’s the loyalest man ever. His eyes sparkle more than the stars and his hair is so nice to touch. He is perfect.
Get yourself a Ben and you’ll never want anyone else”
by Oouuu December 16, 2018
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Most Ben's are nice, but some are just mean. Ben's that are mean tend to be loud, tall and disrespectful. They wull steal stuff while you are standing beside them and will act like nothing is wrong. Their main attack method is a slap.
Did you see the way that guy acted?
Yeah... He acted like such a Ben.
by The_Big_Sad September 15, 2020
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Most likely to eat a whole pizza by themselves under half an hour?
Ben is Hungry
by Popcorn_Lord June 4, 2020
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