Dad: That's it, you're getting the belt!
Son: No..
Dad: *whip*
Son: *Pleasurable moan*
Dad: ??

The son jumps onto his dad shoving his PP in his mouth, then taking him down to the basement and tying up so he sucks his pp for ever. Don't belt your kids
by mummummumumumumummummuum November 1, 2019
something that gets in my damn way!
Goddamn it girl, your belt's always in the way, I may have to teach you a lesson
by Brandon August 31, 2004
Rule 5 for above, if any of the participants is in a relationship, he/she must have the permission of his/her partner.
My buddy got two girls at once, but he doesn't get the belt because he was cheating on his girlfriend to do it. We're still in the running!
by num1dgen February 2, 2009
Dad: Did you clean the stove?

Me: Yes, I did.

Dad:*Looks at stove*. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STAIN?! *Whips out belt*.

by some other idiot November 17, 2020
Hype, lit, zooted, having a good time
Hey do you see kensley?

Yea she is belted!!!
by Kamkake February 8, 2019
Blimey!! look at that mans belt, its hanging a bit low!
by Samofbev January 7, 2011
n. An object placed around the waist to award pure awesomeness in one's line of work.

v. An action done after running in a Touchdown, again, to show pure awesomeness. ie. Aaron Rodgers
After getting an A on his math test, John stood up in class and performed the belt. He served the subsequent detention quite awesomely.
by dabearssuck February 11, 2011