Rule 5 states that mmateri is always wrong. Any argument you have with him will end in him being wrong. mmateri being the village idiot on, has been proven wrong in every argument he's been in, especially when he uses his "facts"."
matteri: Canada has the biggest army in the world.

Anyone with sense: I'll just skip the 2 hours of proving you wrong and call Rule 5 early.
by mrbig4545 November 8, 2009
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greener: "I like chems' conten-"

other greener: "RULE 5!!!!!!"
by ThatCookiGuy May 1, 2022
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At some point every conversation of over an hour will involve your mom in some way shape or form
x001x: I propose this conversation will soon go to rule 5. You know why?
Loli: Your mom

by darkerblade March 16, 2008
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There is no rule #4
Q: How did we get from not talking about fight club to rule number five?

A: Oh! rule #5 states that there is no rule #4. That makes sense.
by Ole Black Pee Hands February 14, 2011
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Man the f*!k up!
Put your vagina back in the box
B: I have man flu

G: Dude, Rule 5!
by Curlycarrie September 19, 2014
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If you find this specific rule #, you are now being watched by the FBI. In order to not be taken away, you must follow rules 1-1000 for at least 2 years.

Man: there's a rule -5 on here?
*knock knock* FBI OPEN UP!!!!
by Sonicwave.exe May 18, 2021
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