an expression used when you are flabbergasted at someones actions.
sam: just won my 1000 game of poker in a row.
spud: blimey! your having a laugh mate.
by spudlockage November 9, 2014
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Blimey is a short word of "blind me" or "oh dear" It's used when something goes wrong, etc.
Blimey! The Dog Died.
by SpiffyFire July 18, 2004
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I thing that British people say when something fucking horrible happens.
*Man gets hit by a car*
“Blimey! Reckon he’s off to the hospital
by sweester May 7, 2020
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Used alongside crikey in a low, gravelly tone to denote idiocy. Often written blimeeeeey. For the full freak effect, salute and bend down as low as possible. Also used to make angry people even angrier.
Woman who's upset about something:"Move out of the frickin way"
Idiot: "Blimey"
Woman who's upset about something becomes even angrier.
by Edoss September 23, 2007
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When drinking a bulldog (a lime martini with a beer tipped into it), the perfect balance between beer and limey.
"This bulldog is is blimey" -Dan the fucking man
by bigbluefis October 1, 2014
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A slang term for a Bud Light Lime. Despite the British connotation, the Blimey is a Mexican favorite and initiates a fiesta of sorts on the tongue.
¡Blimey! That blimey is tasty!

by Woody LaJonze February 7, 2014
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Too cum in someone's eye. Blinding them with the slimey goodness of jizz.
The man performed a blimey on that women last night.
by Cristobal Reyes January 8, 2010
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