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A beautiful young girl usually best with blonde hair.Full of pure energy and always tries to smile at the worst times.Just her sparkling eyes can make eveyone smile.If you meet a Kensley,don't let her go,you are truly blessed to meet one.Looks:Usually beautiful brown eyes and looks amazing in curly hair.
Tom:I had a terrible day today.
Matt:Go talk to Kensley you'll be fine then.
Tom:Dude,you know her!She's awesome
Matt:I know I'm not letting go.
by MaximumRide12 March 26, 2014
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A bomb ass bitch/bestfriend. Very trusting human being. You guys could be Miles away but she'll still be there for you. She has a hard time expressing her emotions and feelings. Despite that, she has extremely curly hair and has the best hair out of everyone you know. She's straight fire. In fact she's so hot, she attracts all genders.
Girl: Ugh! I wish I had a Kensley.
Guy or girl: That girl Kensley is my type of lady.
by TheGwadSquad June 01, 2016
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