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Someone who is full of beauty
Someone who could never do wrong
Someone who is sophisticated
Someone who you should love
i couldn't imagine a world without Cailin
by MeGaTaP September 01, 2014
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The greatest most perfect girl friend in the whole universe... My True Love at first sight...
Shes a princess...
my whole world...
Shes Sexy, Hott, Beautiful, Smart.....
Shes worth all the time in the world....
My Rae of sunshine
Thats my Cailin, I will love her forever...
by Lucky guy 1402 lyf September 26, 2010
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Craziest,sexiest, most bangable girl in the world. She's tall, skinny, most cailins I know end up being a model. Nicest ass I've ever seen, alright boobs, perfect stomach, nice legs, one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met. Has boys after her every where she turns, guys try to be her boyfriend every chance they get but she will only like one guy, and is a very faithfull girlfriend. Any guy should be honored to have her. The funniest girl that will make you laugh harder then you ever have before. Loves sarcasim. Is up to trying anything and is the best at evry thing she does, there will never be a dull moment with her. Loves to party. Doesn't have to drink to have fun. Amazing dancer, moves her body like a snake. Best lap dance you'll ever get. If you know a cailin get on that. She'll be the best girlfriend you'll ever have.
Dude 1: yo who's your new girl she is smokin?

Dude 2: that's cailin, best girl I've ever had!
by uncle nino June 30, 2011
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One of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She can change your life for the better and can always make you laugh. She is amazingly smart when it comes to books, but can be a little short with common sense sometimes. She is also too sexy for her own good. Someone you would take a bullet for.

Can also be spelled Caytlin or Kailin.
Guy 1- God that girl is smart and funny, she's sexy too.
Guy 2- Dude, I bet her name is Cailin
by Bebolopison January 09, 2012
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1. a deity or goddess of music similar to the sirens of greek mythology. Her voice has the same effect, but she does not reside on an island of craggy rocks.

2. A woman who will cause jealousy from most of her male friend's girlfriends or wives.

3. An innovative method of consuming carbohydrates without gaining weight.
1. He heard Cai'lin singing and was instantly hypnotized. He devoted his life to her thereafter.

2. He was having a hard time at home because his new friend was a Cai'lin.

3. She Cai'lined the potatoes most every day, yet her waistline remained trim.
by floydrosemow February 02, 2010
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C is for the crazy girl who ends up naked and molesting her best friends. A is for always being the loudest and freaking hilarious chick. I is for intellegent...she knows the body and knows how to please it. L is for the loveable and loving girl that all hollins ladies adore. I is for the intense sexyness that she brings to our lives. N is for never giving it up too easy,but put a few drinks in her and you've got yourself a party!!
Oh damn that girl just pulled a cailin
by danilips2011 May 17, 2008
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