adj: a descriptor identifying an individual as incredibly handsome and/or sexually dominant. Also can be used to describe one of alpha-male status who possesses an abnormally large penis.
Oh my GOD Jenny, that guy over there is SO Pearson right now! I just can't resist his hypnotic gaze. OH I have the sudden urge to drop trou and sit on his enormous member... OR Becky, that guy is too Pearson... I just jizzed in my pants.
by IamsoPearson March 31, 2009
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An act or attitude which equates to actions of those similar to members of The Bullingdon Club and an exclamation of success upon completion of an act.
Just done a Pearson
by Brimsonator May 14, 2015
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Hot babe, blonde blue eyes, hot ass girl
Jason: Damn did you see Pearson shes looking fine!
by pearsteffani January 16, 2009
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He is usually not that smart but is a girl magnet. He hops from girl to girl. Not very athletic but is good at video games.
Pearson is nice
by YouboiMicith October 14, 2019
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A stupid unintelligent test designed by the people who bring you common core. Their job title is to ruin a teenagers life’s by standardized test.
What’s 2+2

Pearson: 5
by Yosh145 May 23, 2018
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Directly related to a Mr Robert "Harold Shipman" Pearson, the legendary dungeons and dragons melch murderer of Manchester University, circa 1988. The male in question should have levels of social retardation bordering on the autistic, a love for the "sport" of dungeons and dragons(strictly pen and paper variety however), an obesession with the orient, and a fine coating of wiry hair. AVOID THE MALE IN QUESTION AT ALL COSTS AND DO NOT ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION!
omg, that guy is such a weirdo, i hope he doesn't go all "Pearson" on us!
by monkeybutler88 November 27, 2007
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To overprice a book, fail to support it, and provide substandard online materials for it.

Etymology - user willfe's comment from reddit thread by user yardape6
I bought an e-book but never managed to get downloadable CD content for it from the publisher. They pearsoned the book.
by redanon June 10, 2011
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