A smart, beautiful girl who if you look at once you will fall in love with.
Omg Angelica I am so in love with Angelica.
by you will never know my name18 November 27, 2018
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Angelica’s are very very very pretty and are also known as really smart. Angelica’s are really good friends who are very kind and funny. If you have an Angelica’s beck they will have yours. They have a very good Personality and their very loving
Angelica’s are a friend to keep❤️
by Queen❤️Bee June 28, 2018
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A sweet, kindhearted person. She loves music and arts. She is very shy but once you get to know her she's actually really funny and loud. She's a huge fan of playing in school bands. Angelica's areally mostly attrated to brass instruments. Angelica has an outrageous voice but is too shy to share it with the world she only san to hee family and close friends. Angelicas love all social media's and love to make new friends she will always stand up for you and always be a good idiot to hang out with. She tends to act tough on the outside but is acually heartbroken inside emotionaly she is well loved. She isn't popular but has true friends. Angelica's tend to meet their true love at an older age. She is also the most beatific girl you will ever see your eyes will burn from her beauty.
Damn, look at Angelica today
Angelica has the best voice in the country.
by Laugher true March 2, 2018
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A Very Very beautiful girl with a fantastic aura. Little Miss Clever over here, who acts like she knows a lot, and she really does. One of the most open-minded people you will ever have the fortune to meet. Energetic, with sexy hair and an even sexier attitude. This girl is one of those rare combos of a person who is truly gorgeous in every way possible. An avid fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural and a bunch of other shows that display her good taste in television, she connects instantly with members of her fandoms. This Girl will grow up to do amazing, amazing, amazing things. Those in her presence are extremely fortunate to have such a dazzling friend.
Happy Birthday, Angelica!
by Ramen-Hair January 17, 2013
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Angelica is so fine!! Your lucky if u even come in her path.. she may not get all the guys or any right now but she will grow up with a fine man and be very successful... she is an open minded human who does amazing things and thinks of others before herself
Damn I needa get ma self am Angelica
by Yumm_yazzzer May 14, 2018
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Angelica is a strong person. She's has very long legs and people love her. Angelica's are super funny and fun. If u don't have an Angelica in your life you better go find one
My name is Angelica
by Zipper123lovr February 26, 2017
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Angelica is a great friend who will always stick with you through thick and thin. Even though she may not realize it, she is beautiful. She is very intelligent and funny, too! Angelica also ALWAYS has boys at her doorstep, wanting some sugar ;D
Angelica is super smart! If you have a question, ask her!

Hey, did you know (so-and-so) pulled an Angelica on me last night? She talked to me all night so I could forget all about my terrible break-up!
by Besties4Lyfee August 15, 2011
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