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A Very Very beautiful girl with a fantastic aura. Little Miss Clever over here, who acts like she knows a lot, and she really does. One of the most open-minded people you will ever have the fortune to meet. Energetic, with sexy hair and an even sexier attitude. This girl is one of those rare combos of a person who is truly gorgeous in every way possible. An avid fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural and a bunch of other shows that display her good taste in television, she connects instantly with members of her fandoms. This Girl will grow up to do amazing, amazing, amazing things. Those in her presence are extremely fortunate to have such a dazzling friend.
Happy Birthday, Angelica!
by Ramen-Hair January 17, 2013
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The most beautiful girl ever. She is untouchable, and any guy she gets with better know how lucky they are. This girl has guys waitin in line one by one, and bitches keep hatin! This girl wont take your shit! She is one of a kind aint no one else like her!
by ANGGGGGEL December 16, 2008
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one of the beautiful girls who isint a slut. They stand up for what they believe in and DO NOT take shit from anybody. Mess with an Angelica, and you will be miserable, as she is smart and knows her ways. Usually brunette with brown eyes. They play hard to get and are VERY outgoing. They dream big and are ambitious. She dominates everyone and everything. She is the leader of the group. Everyone wants to be her friend and look up to her. They are VERY confident and never ever let anyone intimidate them. They have hot tempers but are very sweet and love to help people. Girls hate on Angelica, but its all out of jealousy. They love fashion and always look good. They can get what they want, but dont act like brats. They are sensitive when friends hurt them in anyway. They dont kiss and tell, but are shy sometimes. They are very funny and know how to make you laugh. Be friends with an Angelica. They are awesome and an amazing friend. Losing them would the most horrible mistake, keeping them would be the best decision.
Boy: So how far have you gone with a guy?

Angelica: Oh wouldn't you love to know.;)

Boy: I know you play hard to get.(;
Angelica: you know me well, but i don't kiss and tell;)
by mommmma* July 24, 2010
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Angelica is a great friend who will always stick with you through thick and thin. Even though she may not realize it, she is beautiful. She is very intelligent and funny, too! Angelica also ALWAYS has boys at her doorstep, wanting some sugar ;D
Angelica is super smart! If you have a question, ask her!

Hey, did you know (so-and-so) pulled an Angelica on me last night? She talked to me all night so I could forget all about my terrible break-up!
by Besties4Lyfee August 14, 2011
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A girl who is kind of lowkey the shit. Super gorgeous and has really good taste in music and style and who is super outgoing and lovable on nearly all levels. Characterized by brown hair and eyes.
Wow that girl is an Angelica.
by CleeakaGeorgeLopez December 01, 2010
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An amazing girl who digs all kinds of music. A pushover at times and kills with kindness. Loves to play sports but may be shy at times.
Wow, that girl is a real Angelica!
by Lollicopter February 23, 2011
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The most amazingly beautiful girl I've ever seen my life. The one who makes my world spin, for she is my sun and my stars. She gives me about a trillion nicknames and I love everything about her. We've been through thick and thin and I can't imagine even a day without her. I love you Angelica.
I never truly laughed...I never truly smiled, until the day I saw her, my beautiful sweet Angelica.
by M3GAM3SS1AH October 13, 2008
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