Only experienced once in your life and will be remembered. The only way you can find true happiness is to believe its their; it just take time to find it. Sometimes its worth the wait.
"Do you see that girl over their in the corner? She's gleaming with True Happiness."
by Linkerets March 19, 2012
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a beer in one hand, a video game controller in the other,and a girl sucking your dick while you sit on a couch made of solid gold. mostly the girl sucking your dick makes it awesome.
alas, i will never attain true happiness. sigh
by arch king 89 November 27, 2005
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A man without a woman or with a woman who does the dishes and cleans.
1: Yo that guy has true happiness.
2: How he dont even got a gf?
1: Exactly
by Ambatabus May 19, 2023
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