The human reproductive organs. A vagina or a penis. The beginnings of all life happen here.
Her skirt was so short you could see her beginnings.
by BigGuysWife November 14, 2018
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Ive made space and time for you, my friend. We met such a long time ago and then lost each other. But you found me and i found you. And it makes me so happy thinking maybe we did because we kept each other in our orbit. Letting go but not completely letting go?
So what are we really doing with this? What do we want? Do we want anything at all? I was thinking that all these years inbetween cut us down to size, shaped us, made us and that, a little more grown now, we could spend energy together.
And i tried, didnt i, i did, coming. I did come. And i thought you'd appreciate that or at least acknowledge my effort. Because i cared back then and i care today and i can't help but care tomorrow. Because you are you and the combination of us two makes me feel true. So don't make me repeat myself week after week, year after year. Please do find a ground from where you can speak. a ground from where we can begin.
by Krkič September 14, 2020
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A cool french man who loves to wank at night.
Omg did you see that Begin last night at his computer?
by Nick Gibbs September 17, 2007
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a girl that is beautiful adorable cute loving girl that you can ever meet she's unique because she's the only girl that's named begine in the USA she loves going on her Instagram and looking through her explore page she hates skirts loves sneakers she loves chick-fil-a and McDonald's
Z:Hey Begine
B:Hey Gurll
by Bebegurlhere June 27, 2017
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The physical act of multiple women (8 will do) partaking in the act of splurring on one male
Don't touch my computer or I will begine on you.
by Pixi, Trixi, Dixi January 11, 2005
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Starring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne / Batman. As of 2006, this could very well be the best Batman film to date. The term 'Batman Begins' is used in association with film remakes or restarts (within a franchise) that exceed their predecessors.
Casino Royale could be the 'Batman Begins' of the 007 franchise!
by Paul Marriott October 28, 2006
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