beavis and butthead are the best cartoons ever and MTV can suck a nut the stupid sadistic basterd hoe faggit wanking badunka dunk's
by rhcpgod July 31, 2003
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A show which stopped at a good point, still in its glory days before it got stupid.
Beavis and Butthead are classic and will never die.
by poopsex June 24, 2003
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two guys on a mission, a mission to get laid. pretty much every dudes mission out there. and this is a tv show about it. oh yeah and american complacency and mtv's gayness and what not.
quoting beavis and butthead is sacreligious.
by rilesworth July 23, 2006
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Note the hyphen. That's how it's really spelled. Go there for the real defines
by Q May 30, 2004
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jdawg(butthead) and adizzle(beavis),
they have the couch, and the ids to prove it.
oh man, there goes beavis and butthead on their couch again..theyre wicked cool
by anadama January 03, 2005
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Beavis and Butt-Head are two 15 year old kids that act like they don't have too many brain cells from all of the meth they use. Basically a show that I could have lived w/o watching in my childhood considering that I was 8 years old when the first episode aired.
It is a show that makes you more stupid just because you are actually wasting your time watching it. The only thing that it inspired me was how to be really good at fucking shit up and consuming time that I could have used to do something more useful or productive.
I feel that it would have been better if Beavis and Butt-Head weren't on basic cable to rot little childrens minds but rather published elsewhere. I must say, it had to be one of the most hilarious shows ever broadcasted in us history.
Person A: (8 year old) Have you watched Beavis and Butt-Head?
Person B: (5 year old) No, what is it?
Person A: It's on MTV, you should watch it sometime.
Person B: Aight G.
Person B: *Few days later* G, I thought it would be kool to ignite my house on fire but I came back and there were these cars with flashing red and blue lights. They said my parents and lil sis DIED G.
Person A: Dude, dont tell them I told you to watch B&B!
by Craig Dunn July 18, 2005
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