MTV cartoon airing from 1993 until 1997. It was found to be hugely popular, particularly among men in their twenties and teenagers, and resulted in a full length theatrical movie, holiday specials, and a spin-off series featuring the character Daria. Because it did technically air on MTV (back when MTV was interested in music), during breaks in the storyline music videos would air with both characters "reviewing" and commenting on it, somewhat akin to what Mystery Science Theater did with cheesy sci-fi films.
The actual storylines followed two 15 year old numbskull boys as they went through everyday life and often wound up in bizarre and hilarious situations. Their basic motivation was always to "score" which of course they never did. Along the way and, on the side, their adventures would often result in one or both of them getting arrested, getting beaten up, getting maimed, or occassionally just releasing general havok themselves. Their trademark was the classic and strange laughter which never seemed to end.

Physically Butt-Head had dark brown hair, braces, and a large nose while Beavis had blonde hair, a bit of an underbite, and a somewhat pointed nose. Behaviorally Butt-Head was typically the more "focused" (which isn't saying a lot) while Beavis was typically more manic. These could be occassionally reversed however with Beavis becoming more contemplative before Butt-Head tried to "kick his ass" and snap him out of it. They frequently got into fights but continued what could be called a friendly relationship and were rarely seen apart from one another. Aslo worthy of note was that, in rare instances, Beavis would be found to consume ungodly ammounts of sugar and caffeine which resulted in him pulling his shirt over his head and donning his alter-ego "Cornholio." When he made his transformation he went into insane bouts of manic activity, paranoia, and a constant desire for "Tee Pee for his bunghole."

Notable "adventures" of theirs included
* Attempting to kill a fly with everything but a fly swatter, including a baseball bat and a chainsaw (which resulted in several lost fingers on Beavis' part which were later re-attached)
* Hijacking a steamroller and wreaking chaos on the town and through their school
* Trying, and failing miserably, to start a garage band named after Metallica. Not surprisingly this results in several cases of vandalism and an angry crowd assaulting a hotel manager when "Metallica" never shows
* Placing themselves in front of moving cars in hope of getting injured and being compensated for it by the driver

Several other injuries throughout the series involved javelins; severe dog bites to hand, leg, and scrotum; and fire.

Of course there were also several other supporting characters in the series who added their own variety to what occured. These included
* Principal McVicker: The fat, balding principal of Highland High who constantly went into fits of shaking and borderline nervous breakdowns as a result of the duo's antics. Occassionally called "Principal McDicker."
* Mr. VanDriessen: Hippy schoolteacher who attempted to help everyone out but never got through to B&B. Frequently used the phrase "Mmm'kay" long before South Park's Mr. Mackey made it so popular.
* Mr. Buzzcut: Beavis and Butt-Head's gym coach and math teacher. He makes a habit of screaming and behaving like a drill instructor. Basically just always pissed off.
* Tom Anderson: A basis for King of the Hill's Hank Hill who B&B creator Mike Judge would eventually go on to produce. Threatens to "kick someone's ass" if they don't get off his lawn, etc. For whatever reason the boys made an odd habit of using his toolshed and camper for frequent masturbation practices.
* Stuart: Basically an annoying little snot who lives nearby. He's into a lot of things like Dungeons and Dragons and would love nothing more than to be Beavis and Butt-Head's friends. Unfortunately for him, he's a "dumbass" and the two hate him with a passion.
Todd: An older (perhaps 18-22) rolemodel of sorts for the boys. They were mainly interested in becoming a part of his "gang" though they normally just ended up getting beaten up when they annoyed him.
BurgerWorld manager: Featured only occassionally. He serves as their boss at BurgerWorld fastfood restaurant and ends up having to take over everything whenever they fuck up or just don't show up.
Daria: The basis for the eventual spin-off series of the same name. She was a fairly quiet, yet serious dark haired girl with glasses. She tolerated Beavis and Butt-Head's stupidity, largely because it amused her, and sometimes manipulated it to her own benefit. Beavis and Butt-Head, on the other hand, made a habit of referring to her as "Diarrhea" mainly because they found it funny and didn't particularly care for her either.

In October of 1993, their first season, Beavis and Butt-Head faced a firestorm of controversy after a 5 year old boy in Ohio set a fire which resulted in the death of his 2 year old sister. The mother, unable to face fault in her own parenting skills, accused the series of "inspiring" her son to do this. The show removed several references to fire (one of Beavis' favorite subjects) soon after and began airing the show at a later timeslot. Despite this however, the series remained strong and continued to grow a larger fanbase over the years. As of now there is some talk of doing a second feature film, though it's debateable. In the end it rests with series creator, and voice of Beavis and Butt-Head, Mike Judge to decide whether he feels the urge to take up such a project.
Beavis and Butt-Head easily serves as Mike Judge's greatest television creation.
by JohnFern May 29, 2004
Beavis and Butt-Head are two 15 year old kids that act like they don't have too many brain cells from all of the meth they use. Basically a show that I could have lived w/o watching in my childhood considering that I was 8 years old when the first episode aired.
It is a show that makes you more stupid just because you are actually wasting your time watching it. The only thing that it inspired me was how to be really good at fucking shit up and consuming time that I could have used to do something more useful or productive.
I feel that it would have been better if Beavis and Butt-Head weren't on basic cable to rot little childrens minds but rather published elsewhere. I must say, it had to be one of the most hilarious shows ever broadcasted in us history.
Person A: (8 year old) Have you watched Beavis and Butt-Head?
Person B: (5 year old) No, what is it?
Person A: It's on MTV, you should watch it sometime.
Person B: Aight G.
Person B: *Few days later* G, I thought it would be kool to ignite my house on fire but I came back and there were these cars with flashing red and blue lights. They said my parents and lil sis DIED G.
Person A: Dude, dont tell them I told you to watch B&B!
by Craig Dunn July 18, 2005
Underrated TV Show from the 90's. Proof of its influence is the fact that the titular characters' laugh is so deeply ingrained into our psyches. Uhhhhhhuhuhuh.
"Uhhhuhuhuh. He said 'tit'".
by r00fles April 25, 2003
Beavis & Butt-Head are completely retarted cartoon charactars from MTV Created by Mike Judge. "Beavis & Butt-Head do America Is hilarious!"
Beavis & Butt-Head

Beavis: hehehehe I am Cornholio!
Butt-Head: settle down Beavis
by Karl & Roidz August 31, 2006
A TV show from the early 90's that I think everyone should watch
This stupid-ass mom blamed a house fire on Beavis & Butt-head!
by MemeMaster9000 November 26, 2021