When Something is cool and kick ass.
DAAAAMN nigga! That new leather jacket looks fucking beasty.
by I forget December 9, 2004
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To be extremely eager to do something.
That chick was Madd Beasty to check her facebook, when she knows that she had no new messages!!
by Tiffany W. December 5, 2005
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Someone who preformes the act of bestiality, or has sex with animals of lower class than humans.
The beasty across the street was arrested for molesting the neigbors cat.
by OrangePC January 31, 2017
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A guy who is looking really fine or acting very hot.
Don't you think that Orlando is sooo beasty?
by BeAsTeSs November 21, 2004
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When someone is constantly over your shoulder or opening your snaps really fast Basically annoying (depending on person)
Me: damn he’s mad beasty

Hayley: yea I know annoying
by Maybesomaybenot November 6, 2019
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said to reinsure someone to make them believe you are not into beastiality; used when saying something that can appear to be a statement of beastiality
man: "What breed is it?"
pet owner: "Its a labrodor rechever"
man: "That is a cute dog, no beasties though."
by Ashtrey001 March 15, 2010
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A claim one must interject immediately after using a phrase that can be construed as sexual in content and having to do with any species other than human. A spin off of "no homo".
Dickie Swags: Damn son Bella is so beautiful and little she fits right inside of my heart....

Podcast Jones: ehhhh

Dickie Swags: Pause... No beasty
by meowcat904 December 21, 2011
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