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When Something is cool and kick ass.
DAAAAMN nigga! That new leather jacket looks fucking beasty.
by I forget December 08, 2004
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1.someone who owns up in something or extremely good at something
1.damn hes a beasty athlete

2.hes so beasty that he could play in the NBA
by mafferlocker August 20, 2006
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To act hard or hardcore, like you about to knock somebody out.

Boy: "Damn girl, you got a fat ass"

Girl: "Shut the fuck up!"

Boy's Friends: "Ooh she gettin beasty on a you, boy!"
by Genis April 21, 2006
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When you laugh, and you can't do anything.
"Oh man, I got the beasties and peed myself because my dick muscles couldn't keep in my urine, it WAS that funny!"
by ted bedell January 03, 2004
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Lesbians who are best friends and have no plans to have sex with each other or date.
John: You two should date
Les#1: Ew no. Why?
John: You two are perfect for each other and you're both lesbians
Les#2: We're beasties dude. That's gross.
by PsychImNotHer February 13, 2009
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