They are unquestionably the most happiest people alive with the purest of souls. They are the only kinds of people that most of us misanthropes don't hate. Pet owners are the epitome of human beings, and are some of the few human beings that deserve to waste our air. They understand the love an animal can bring to somebody, and understand why us pet owners put our pets before ourselves and value animals more than those... creatures... the ones called humans. These types of people aren't the fuckfaces and egotistical jackasses that you meet in your every day life. If you aren't a pet owner, you should become one ASAP. If you hate animals, have somebody kick your ungrateful bitchy ass into oblivion.
"Hey, dude. Are you a pet owner?"

"Nah. Why?"

"Because then you better go become one."
by TheRealMisanthrope November 29, 2015
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People who own pets (not including farming and herding) like to believe, that they have empathy, but in reality it's arrogance and egotism - they just enjoy the control it provides them via the natural power difference.
Aww such a cute kitty and doggo I would love to force breed 471million of dogs and 373million of cats and force them to live on my terms at my place for no other reason but my mental pleasure, satisfaction and maybe a weapon against other people, I'm such a nice and empathetic pet owner.
by veinsofgold January 28, 2021
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