When performing 69 for a girl, the man sneezes thereby startling the girl who bites down on the defenseless wang as a reflex.
James knew better than to do 69 with Jen with his cold, but after 7 stitches and 5 weeks of painful peeing, he learned his lesson.
by Dougie February 5, 2004
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A Bear Trap is a male who looks like a girl purposefully attracts REALLY hairy guys.
Bob: Tod, I just had an accidental date with a guy!
Tod: But wait a sec, you're covered in hair.
Bear Trap: I know.
by Lieken April 5, 2017
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When a bitch with braces sucks ur cock its like puttin your cock in a bear trap.
by Greg December 19, 2003
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Taking a beer bottle cap, slightly bending it like a taco then position it in your hand between your thumb and pointer finger. Wait for an unsuspecting victim to walk by and without warning, pinch the cap the rest of the way closed on the victims nipple while screaming " Watch out for that Bear Trap!"

tittie twister
Sam: Why is Clint crying so hard?

Jerm2: I just got him with a knarly Bear Trap when he walked out of the bathroom

Sam: Looks crutial !

Jerm2: Yea it should stop bleeding soon, I hope...
by Jerm2 November 18, 2010
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A bra, for a girl who has massive boobs (like DD+), with multiple hook fastners in the back.
Did you see the size of her babalons; I can't believe those mogambos are natural, she must need a bear trap to restrain them.
by mark86 February 22, 2009
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A huge pinch of Dip covering the top and lower part of the gums. Also known as the Double Horseshoe.
Person 1: Hey man I just got a new can!

Person 2: Hey can I throw in a pinch.

Person 1: Feel free just don't do a bear trap I want to save my can for a while.

Person 2: Too late.

Person: dang now theres none left!
by a reggin December 3, 2010
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When you're sitting down and you drop something and you try to catch it by closing your legs really fast, and you squish your nuts.
Friend: What happened to you?
Me: I was sitting in class when I dropped my pencil on my lap and bear trapped myself.
Friend: I bet your balls liked that.
by MikeyBeef February 3, 2012
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