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A person (often a man) who mocks feminism in attempt to seem masculine and powerful. This is often done by making themselves look like the victim.
This kid is totally a meninist. He keeps trying to make it look like women are trying to overpower men when really, all they want is to be equal.
by elfqueen February 25, 2015
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A large wood instrument shaped something like a tilted heart. Usually spanning between 5-6 feet tall, these large instruments are commonly made of ebony, walnut, mahogany, or "natural" wood. Expensive harps may include gold or bronze detailing.

The strings are made of wire (base strings), sheep gut (middle strings), and nylon (high strings). The strings are plucked in order to provide the best quality sound.
There are two different kinds of harp: the levee harp and the pedal harp. The pedal harp has seven pedals to change tunes from neutral, flat, or sharp, while the lever harp only goes from neutral to sharp, unless tuned otherwise.

The harp is commonly mistaken for the lyre.
Honey, I booked a harpist to play at our wedding. I hear the harp is one of the best instruments for when you are walking down the aisle!
by elfqueen February 25, 2015
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A wonderful person that does not need Urban Dictionary to tell her she's a great person with great hair.
Alaina may come off as a less talkative person, but she is full of great ideas!
by elfqueen February 25, 2015
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One who finds dating women and men equally wonderful.
Jack has been in a successful relationship with Bob and Jane. Jack is bisexual.
by elfqueen February 25, 2015
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