brave or, not deterred by danger or pain, not being a coward
Brian was courageous while protecting his sister from bullies
by Alquiasha October 8, 2015
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Someone who has the strength to accomplish something great everyday and have faith in everything he/she does.
Omg she so courageous to me!!!
by MyMyae October 4, 2018
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1. To understand the danger of a situation but desipte that, do what is needed to protect/save what is in danger.
1. "When people were teasing me he stood up for me, he is so courageous".
by Human Shield For Sale August 3, 2006
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Having four kids from four different guys and not knowing who any of there fathers are, then going on Maury and testing nine different guys and still not knowing who the father is.
Fast forward one minute into this video to truly find out what courageous means.
by GoldieTheMack August 25, 2006
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In certain parts of New Orleans, "courage" is synonymous for pep or energy.
I don't have any courage today; I guess I need a tonic or something.
by Cranberry Bob January 6, 2020
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The ability to confront pain, fear, humiliation, or anything else a person would naturally stay away from. Can be divided into Mental and Physical courage.

Mental Courage encompasses threats, attacks, and discomfort of the mind.

Physical Courage is pain, hardship, torture, and death
Ex1: Shughart and Gordon were truly courageous men. They died to defend a fellow solider who was inured and unable to move.

Ex2: Hannah was really brave today, she stood up to the other girls who were making fun of her.
by Indigoz November 29, 2006
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The ability to fight one's own instinct to run or cower by focusing on a larger deed that must be done for the greater good.
The Tankman of Tiananmen Square was extremely courageous.
by Dragon's Assistant May 27, 2009
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