The lamest person Mother Nature ever spitted, waste of air and definitely space you talk stupid boy
Stop acting like a baselbase” you are an embarrassment
by Deedeefafa February 5, 2020
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My definition of Art Basel

An event where come mierdas that think they are important hope to be seen by other "important" come mierdas to see shit they have convinced themselves is art.
by Captmendi December 8, 2019
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1)Bunch of nuclei in brain that deal with movement

Also, much like 'forget about it', has many meanings and you gotta emphasize your mood when you say it else people get confuzzled

2) You agree with someone
3) You disagree with someone
4) You think something is the greatest thing in the world
5) You want someone to go to hell
6) You think something sucks
7) You think someone is a mook
8) You think someone is a bullshitter
9) You sympathise with someone

1) "The basel ganglia helps control most basic motor skills"

2) Sandy: "My gig's gonna be a roksoka!"
Nav: "Sure"
Fiz: "Basel ganglia"
Sandy "Aha, safety!"

3) Claire: "He misses all of us"
Fiz: "Basel ganglia, he wouldn't give a shit even if he could find his ass with both hands"

4) JJ: "That is my favourite too"
Fiz: "No doubt, it's the basel ganglia"

5) Luis: "Eyes left, it's Fiona, Ash's posh bitch!"
Fiz: "Basel ganglia!"

6) Fiz: "This Basel ganglia, wish I was free"
T-Cakes: "Can't they do it anotehr day?"

7) Fiz: "Ruth is...*grr*"
Yahweh: "...basel ganglia?"
Fiz: *nods* "A basel ganglia"

8) Mz: "Is it true?"
Fiz: "Some's gotta be but she's sucha basel ganglia I can never tell"

9) Aaron: "Go blown in the head when you miss someone"
Fiz: "Basel ganglia! *le sigh* Jeez, heavy for ya, no Qs"
by +Fizza+ November 23, 2005
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Also known as the ISB, is a shithole of a highschool in Switzerland, mostly made up of rich white kids. You recognize an ISB student either from their yelling on public transport, occupying the whole A2 club, or passed out in the streets on a saturday night. There’s no quiet place to study in this school, the only place where you can catch a break are the underground music rooms. But they’re occupied by seniors raw dogging their 8th grader girlfriends. The bathrooms are also a no go, unless you don’t mind clouds of nicotine. The teachers have no skills in working with kids and empathy does not exist. They have the same monkey brain as the crackheads at the train station. If you want a break, most of the kids in this school know or are drug dealers. So you can meet on the weekend to get drunk and high to forget your torments. Your brain is already frying because of the stupidity of the school, stress, and radiation from all the devices. So why not fry it some more by snorting speed. it’s the only thing making you feel alive anyways. 32k a year for a shitty education, with extra: Development of either depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder because you can’t afford to spend 10CHF a day for shit food. Get ready to pay more than 32K because therapy bills will start piling. The ISB might have a mascot but no spirit, you can’t expect high depressed students to cheer on the school that got them in their current misery.
Therapist: How do you have so much work and get so little sleep? It's not humane.

Student: I go to the International School of Basel, it's a norm there.
Therapist: Ah yes, I have a lot of patients from that school.
by uhohstinkypoopies420 October 1, 2019
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basel is the sickest city in the whole fucking swizerland. there are about 3 mc donalds in the shopping area of town. IF U WANT MORE INFOS ON BASEL COME AND VISIT KANNENFELDPARK. best place on fuckin earth
ich komm auf die bühne und schrei basel leeeebr
by dxlan of basel January 20, 2019
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Running around town avoiding someone you’re actually trying to see
Baselling this dude I want to see but not trying to let him know that.
by Zach Seymor December 11, 2017
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Lemomeme's greatest pornstar of all time. He's porns are so hot that he'll make you cum in a millisecond.
Guy 1: Who's basel stuka?
Guy 2: He's the best pornstar of all time.
by Meapling October 20, 2020
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