AJ: "Fam what's good tonight?"
Chris: "I'm chilling bro, you tryna ball up later? I got loud."
AJ: "Say no more my guy, I'll fly in 20."
by KingNate August 1, 2018
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smoke some weed
Yo your tryna ball up?
by yrnreef May 16, 2015
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In current usage, any disastrous situation. The balls referred to are NOT testicles. The term dates from the days of wooden sailing ships when the existence of a shipboard disaster, such as plague, lack of food or water, mutiny, etc. was communicated to the outside world by hoisting large-ish, brightly painted wooden balls up into the rigging. Balls of different colors represented different disasters and therefore served as either requests for assistance or warnings to stay clear.
Ed: What a complete Balls Up!
Ted: You said it.
by Paul Dellechiaie January 2, 2008
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guy 1: yo wanna go ball up
guy 2: trust fam im always bout it
by Youngtadoe April 24, 2016
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A complete disaster.
Less profane form of 'fuck up'.
Sam threw a party for Jessica, but without beer it was an utter balls up.
by FBM July 17, 2003
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Something or someone is wrecked, smashed up, f'd up etc...
"And u sent tears from heaven when u seen my car get balled up" - Kanye West on his accident from the Album - College Dropout (Never Let Me Down)
by holla_at_ya_boy March 6, 2004
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the varsity college balled up the preschoolers . it was 0-99999
by IloveFacebook123 January 26, 2011
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