When you get home from college and you take a good poop because you're back on your own throne. This cannot happen in college because of the public restrooms and cold seats.
College dropouts are a top priority when arriving home from college.
by Mr.Johnson 401 November 23, 2011
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Rapper Kanye Wests debut album, Hip Hops finest album... Has changed the style of hip hop... 'The College Dropout' an instant hip hop classic.
The College Dropout Consists of -

1. Intro
2. We Dont Care
3. Graduation Day
4. All Falls Down
5. I'll Fly Away
6. Spaceship
7. Jesus Walks
8. Never Let Me Down
9. Get Em' High
10. Workout Plan
11. The New Workout Pan
12. Slow Jamz
13. Breathe In Breathe Out
14. School Spirit Skit 1
15. School Spirit
16. School Spirit Skit 2
17. Lil Jimmy Skit
18. Two Words
19. Through The Wire
20. Family Business
21. Last Call
by GJT March 13, 2006
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CD by Kanye West..is said to be bringing hiphop back to its roots. really really good CD
all falls down, through the wire, spaceship, jesus walks..just a few tracks
by burninwaffles March 21, 2004
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1. When you accidentally let a small piece of shit slide out your ass and into public view while trying to hold a pebble shit together.
2. A huge public fail which is easily avoided by 99.9% of people who pay-the-fuck-attention-to-life.
1. Duuuude! Yo, I thought she had look straight and a minute later, a community college dropout came sliding out her shorts!

2. Did you hear that Nikki is a community college dropout?
by HangTrumpFromTheNeck November 26, 2020
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Donald Trump - no longer enrolled as of 12/14/2020
Unable to understand basic arithmetic or basic English, and with a GPA of 0.0, Trump became the first candidate in American history to qualify as an Electoral College Dropout.
by Monkey's Dad December 14, 2020
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An illegal politically invasive feces sent to retention to the third grade by USDA pork inspectors, to be cured and properly aged for future consumption
The pork link was too thin, it may have been an erectoral college dropout.
by BigFranky@hotmail.com January 22, 2023
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