AJ: "Fam what's good tonight?"
Chris: "I'm chilling bro, you tryna ball up later? I got loud."
AJ: "Say no more my guy, I'll fly in 20."
by KingNate August 01, 2018
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1. To play basketball. 2. To chill. 3. An exclamation of joy.
1. Me and my friends are gonna' ball up, you wanna come. 2. Yo, let's ball up at his house. 3. After Daniel got a full house he exclamed, "Ball Up!".
by The Shogun June 02, 2005
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get some balls as in some courage do what you have to do
You know you were wrong so just ball up and admit it
by 007 February 09, 2005
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synonymous to man-up
means basically get some balls, step up, quit bein a bitch & take care of business.
dude inconveniencin another dude's bitch
bro-u gonna let him talk to ur girl like that? ball-up an rock that muthafuckas dome.
by hayzrukiz February 28, 2008
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Ball your fist up, and lightly "bop" the bottom, or soft part of it, on someone's forehead after saying the words, "Ball up!" it's a verbal and physical response to someone who fails/messes up/is just plain wrong/ or does something stupid when trying to make themselves look cool or smart. Some people even say, "bink!" while simultaneously applying the forehead bop.
"Boise State deserves to play for a National Championship."

"Ball up!"

"I tried to get that chicks number, but she told me she'd rather swallow gasoline than continue the conversation..."

"you get a FRESH ball up... Bink!"
by Fo-Town251 April 27, 2010
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