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1. Usually in reference to ones self. Meaning 'Way past weird' or 'weird doesn't even describe that' Or if something is really random.

Often used to ones self or others if they think they are really amazing when they're random and weird.
Joy: I saw some flying waffle-banana's while digging to china next Tuesday.

Meghan: Haha, You're so balf Joy! That's why I love traveling to the alternate universe from the secret portal in the kitchen.

Joy: ... AHAHAHAHA. That was balf my friend.
by Nah-hur July 10, 2010
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v. to vomit over the side of a balcony, esp. at a theater.
We went to see the Rocky Horrow Picture Show Friday at La Paloma, but I wasn't feeling so hot and I balfed.
by Diego Johnny January 09, 2009
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Black and Arab loving fool
Sarah: "I really have a thing for black and Arab guys."
Heather: "You are such a BALF!"
by TPRlover September 04, 2009
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