Oh boy, here comes the baby batter... want it in your crack? or on your back?
by sf_monkey October 18, 2003
<noun> British slang
Male ejaculate, semen, penile ejecta, a bomb-load of jizz.

Seeing as sperm is the cause of 99.9% of pregnancies - resulting in babies - it was only a matter of time before someone made the connection between sperm and babies and formed the phrase Baby batter as a metaphor for come/cum.

See also Baby Gravy
"Jasper fired his 6oz load of baby batter into Margaret's face, and she supped it up like a glass of warm, creamy milk."
by Stuart Fletcher November 3, 2004
Male Sperm Powerful Ejaculations
Come here honey im going to splatter you with baby batter.
by A Smith November 1, 2006
When a man ejaculates he produces Sperm(Baby Batter)
Slick Willy left a splatter of baby batter on Monica's Dress!
by The Mick July 31, 2004
Semen, Otherwise known as the man’s Gooey Goodness, or “Shot Goo”. A hot load if you will.
He shot his Baby Batter into me, there’s no way I’m Not Pregnant.
by CosmicKramerTheAssMan February 14, 2018