Semen, or man juice. also see skeet
I hit that raw and dumped all baby batter on that chick.
by The Bizzle October 7, 2004
Lee Daniel's STAR

CARLOTTA: The priority is getting you healthy and getting your voice back.
And now that it's been a month of vocal therapy, how's it going?

STAR: Not great, Carlotta. Thanks for asking.

MISS LAWRENCE (Miss Bruce): That's 'cause you sitting there sipping on that water child. Throw some baby batter in there, lubricate them vocal cords. Trust me it works.
by TKStrand March 6, 2022
a fuckin funny ass nick name for skeet.
"That bitch is a str8 goer. She fuckin swallowed my baby batter"
by B.Hill September 8, 2007
a synonym for semen, baby batter is a salty tasting bodily fluid which combined with the egg of an ovulating female can result in pregnancy.
You had better wear a condom to catch your baby batter my husband will flip if I get preggers.
by Belinda November 5, 2004
Semen. Also a key ingredient in milkshakes.
Take one (1) whole egg. Add baby batter. Mix gently. Produces bun in the oven. Allow to heat for nine months.
by Al February 13, 2005
<noun> Slang;

Sperm and/or semen.

Same as: baby batter
"Seraphim gagged as the baby-batter slipped down her throat."
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005