The hardest word for the people on yahoo answers to spell, other than Ouija.

Seriously, It's not that hard!!!
Do I really have to do this?

Girl on yahoo answers: I'm pregnanante
The world: IT'S PREGNANT
by Kitty W/ Knives November 12, 2018
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When a guy fills a girl up with his semen and a new life is created
Kiersten : Guess what Jake I'm Pregnant!
Jake : God Damn how did this happen we use condoms?
Kiersten : Well if your big dick would quit busting them maybe they would have worked!
Jake : Well that is true I do have a big dick!
Kiersten : So should we get married now or wait till after I have the baby?
Jake: Oh man do I have to take responsibility too!
Kiersten : Hey your dick got us into this mess I am not supporting this baby alone!
Jake : Thanks a lot you stupid dick! (Wack)
Kiersten : Did you just spank your dick?
Jake : Yeah cause it was bad!
by SlopNChop December 13, 2017
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Supposed to be the happiest moment in a couples lives but the dumb asses who conceived by accident just ruin the definition.

Don't have sex until your ready for the consequences.
Happy responsible couple;
Girl: Baby, we're pregnant.
Guy: -inshock- oh my God!! Lets make a doctors appointment ASAP!
-hugs and kisses-

The Accident couple
Girl: I'm pregnant
Guy: Congrats
Girl: Your the father
Guy: Bi*ch Maury will determine this.
Girl: Omg i hate you. -cries-
by ThePurp December 7, 2009
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What could happen when A guy lay's A women down on an bed and pumps her full of his cum
Craig : So are you still fuckin Kiersten after work?
Chad : Yeah but we always use protection!
Kiertsten : Hey Chad your condom broke again last night so I'm most likely Pregnant!
Chad : God Damn't
Craig : Oh Nice!
Chad : Fuck You Craig!
by SlopNChop March 15, 2017
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What at least one girl gets in high school.
Girl 1: Rebecca got pregnant and she doesn't even know who the father is.

Girl 2: I'm not surprised, she's a slut.
by Delaneyab February 21, 2018
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This is what happens when a male and a female have sexual intercourse and the sperm fertilises one of the woman's eggs after ovulation.

Contrary to popular (male) belief, pregnancy is not the woman's fault, it takes 2 to tango if you know what I mean...

Women also do not get pregnant to 'trap' a man. Because if he was indeed worth holding onto, she would not need to get pregnant to keep him, nor would a rubbish guy stick around if he got a woman pregnant either. (See scum or coward)

Pregnancy is the aprox 40 weeks of gestation in which it takes a human being to develop and grow inside his or her mothers body before birth.

It is in 3 stages (known as trimesters)
Pregnancy is divided into three stages called trimesters, each of which lasts three months. The first trimester covers the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. This stage is often the worst with morning sickness and fatigue as common symptoms.

The baby grows inside the uterus, gaining it's nutrition from the placenta and kept safe and protected by the amniotic sack.

The woman's body goes through serious changes both physical and mental.

The mental changes include, hormonal, she may feel depressed,anxious,happy and angry, her mood changes often, she is not going mad, she is just pregnant!

the physical changes include: her tummy growing (obviously)
her breasts growing and producing milk ready for the babies arrival, usually in later stages of pregnancy she may leak milk.
Her nipples will also swell and darken, her breasts will grow larger, she may also get other skin conditions depending on hormone levels.
Aside from good changes to her body she may also find her immune system is weak, leaving her susceptible to colds,flu and other virus' and infections. When a woman is pregnant, her immune system is in over drive to stop her body from rejecting the unborn baby.

Pregnancy can be both a wonderful and horrible experience for someone. (including the babies daddy who has to put up with a very hormonal pregnant lady)

And before any man can insult a pregnant woman let me just say, if you get a girl pregnant and blame her for it, she is not going to want or need you anyway, so don't think your so great :)
A baby growing up with one parent is better than a baby growing up with an asshole for a father.

Not all pregnancies end with a baby though.
Some women for what ever reason choose to terminate the pregnancy, this does not make a woman a bad person, If she is not ready or in a good position to have a child, or say she became pregnant after rape, then she may choose to abort. No one has the right to judge someone for terminating pregnancy. Abortion is neither right or wrong.
Some pregnancies also end in miscarriage, and some pregnancies are ectopic.

Pregnancy is a natural thing and without it the life of all species would cease to exist.

Woman 1: I'm pregnant
Woman 2: I have a baby
Woman 3: I am trying to get pregnant
Woman 4: I was pregnant, but I didn't keep the baby
Man 1: That's wonderful, I'm gonna be a dad!
Man 2: OMG You whore, your trying to trap me bitch
Woman: *face palm*

by GothMummy January 10, 2009
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