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What could happen when A guy lay's A women down on an bed and pumps her full of his cum
Craig : So are you still fuckin Kiersten after work?
Chad : Yeah but we always use protection!
Kiertsten : Hey Chad your condom broke again last night so I'm most likely Pregnant!
Chad : God Damn't
Craig : Oh Nice!
Chad : Fuck You Craig!
by SlopNChop March 15, 2017
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When a guy fills a girl up with his semen and a new life is created
Kiersten : Guess what Jake I'm Pregnant!
Jake : God Damn how did this happen we use condoms?
Kiersten : Well if your big dick would quit busting them maybe they would have worked!
Jake : Well that is true I do have a big dick!
Kiersten : So should we get married now or wait till after I have the baby?
Jake: Oh man do I have to take responsibility too!
Kiersten : Hey your dick got us into this mess I am not supporting this baby alone!
Jake : Thanks a lot you stupid dick! (Wack)
Kiersten : Did you just spank your dick?
Jake : Yeah cause it was bad!
by SlopNChop December 13, 2017
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something that happens when the condom breaks on prom night
Chris: Shit, the condom broke.
Val: Damn, im pregnant
Both: We're screwed
by Jason Andrew Relva April 30, 2004
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Supposed to be the happiest moment in a couples lives but the dumb asses who conceived by accident just ruin the definition.

Don't have sex until your ready for the consequences.
Happy responsible couple;
Girl: Baby, we're pregnant.
Guy: -inshock- oh my God!! Lets make a doctors appointment ASAP!
-hugs and kisses-

The Accident couple
Girl: I'm pregnant
Guy: Congrats
Girl: Your the father
Guy: Bi*ch Maury will determine this.
Girl: Omg i hate you. -cries-
by ThePurp December 06, 2009
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The worst STD ever. Causes pain, poverty, and eighteen year of torture.
"That stupid bitch got pregnant."

"My god..."
by Matt December 13, 2004
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A woman who is carrying a baby. The state is possible after unprotected sex or when protection has failed. Getting pregnant can be unplanned or planned so pregnant woman might have different kind of decisions ahead depending on her lifesituation.
Woman: Honey, I need to talk to you.

Man: What is it?
Woman: I'm pregnant.
Man: *totally speechless and pretty confused*
Woman: Honey?
Man: ... I'm going to be now a... dad?

Men might be scared of the situation or in a shock at first though they actually could have wanted to have a child.
by Sarastella November 30, 2009
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What occurs after a guy fills a pussy up with his cum and it swims into her eggs to create a new life
Kiersten : Wow Jake came so much last night my pussy felt just like a broken faucet!
Kaylee : Well congratulations your I'm sure Pregnant!
Kiersten : Yeah right I use ton's of birth control no way I'm Pregnant!
Kaylee : Well with that much cum birth control is not 100% safe.
Steve : Hey Kaylee my dicks full of cum here have some! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Kaylee : God damn't you fuckin asshole !
Kiersten : Hey Kaylee that's a lot of cum your most likely Pregnant!
Kaylee : Shut The Fuck Up!
by SlopNChop February 18, 2018
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