a salty discharge of goo from a male penis
i shot baby batter in her eye
by kevin kehoe November 14, 2003
Another term for the steamy hot secretions extracted from the make penis at climax. Hence, it causes babies.
"Why you get her pregnant foo?!"
"I busted that baby batter up in that shit. My bad. ya herrrd me""
by KingdomCum January 24, 2003
Milky white substance found in the depths of the testicals inside a male's scrotum. When shot from the penis, the milky substance looks like the batter of a baked good.
Abraham: "Shit!"

Jacob: "what's up?"

Abraham: "I was wacking off and got baby batter all in my toe hair..."

Jacob: "next time you'll remember to wear socks."
by ronald514930 September 11, 2009
After coming home from Dairy Queen, your friend, relative, or significant other puts their DQ Blizzard in the freezer for later. You pull a fast one and ejaculate into their Blizzard mix it around and put it back.
Jillian: Charlie, I'll be right back, I have to pick up my mother at the airport. Can you take care of the dogs and please don't eat my Dairy Queen!

Charlie: Yeah no problem.(Takes out phone to call Frank)

Frank: Whats up?

Charlie: Baby Batter Blizzard.

Frank: I love you.
by SchlongJohnSilvers December 23, 2012
v: when you go to cum in a girls face, but have been so sexually depleted that you end up antiqueing her in stead.
Shiela counted on Brad's baby batter bankruptcy in order to replace the spilled ashes of her dearly departed uncle Sal.
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 29, 2008
Women who use their baby carriages like battering rams to move through crowds.
Wow that lady almost ran me over with her baby battering ram!
by Logan Durgen January 21, 2011