The male act of having an orgasm, shooting a load, on someone or something. Usu. a big load.
Right before I had an orgasm while doing my girlfriend last night, I took my cock out of her, snd baby battered her tits.
by RobC May 28, 2005
Very simply male ejaculate. One of many ingredients in the recepie that is a child, it is available whenever needed by a woman. Although it is meant to create babies it usually slams against a laytex membrane (sometimes flavored) or a kleenex.
"I released my baby batter on her face, but she got a bit pissed"
by JtothaC March 15, 2005
She got pregnant because the condom couldn't hold back my blast of baby batter.
by Don Fuego November 14, 2003
jizz, cum, ejaculation, sperm, man juice, ect...
Get me a kleenex to clean up this baby batter!
by Courtney January 27, 2004
If you mix baby-batter with the right ingredients and two eggs a baby (human) will be the final result.
by no name. January 24, 2007
C'mon sweetlips...... take a taste of my baby-batter now honey! OOOOOH...... don't you waste a drop!
by MadManManic December 28, 2006
Dude, that's just nasty! Your sheets have dried baby batter on 'em!
by Wade November 27, 2004