This can be described as when one may ejaculate on a womans feet(us) to cause the baby making procedure. Normally this happens when doing the two player no pants dance. This is normally to make a human child.
"man, I found a nice girl, so I think we will be pooping the baby batter tonight"
by Daddy baby batter February 3, 2017
Refers to the origin of Baby Batter.
Usually, if not always, it is the testicles, where the process of meiosis takes place to create the life giving Baby Batter that is needed to successfully procreate.
Baby Batter CEO: Ayo, most of yall will be disposed of into tissues, condoms, socks and buttholes, but in this Baby Batter Factory, we serve one purpose. To complete a most fantastic and climactic **NUT**.
by ßoonish June 15, 2021
A seemingly delicious chocolaty dessert where the secret ingredient is jizz. A perfect way to break up with a lying/cheating ex.
It is best accompanied by a video of the person cheated on and a guy or girl (at least one guy is needed) having sex then cumming into the brownie mix.
Girl: I just found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me the whole year we have dated.
Guy: You gunna leave him?
Girl: Yes, but I want to get back at him.
Guy: Send him a porno of us, and make him some baby-batter brownies.
Girl: PERFECT!! He will never see it "cumming!"

Guy: That's the magic of baby-batter brownies.
by The Breakup Doctor January 11, 2013
when you shoot a load in a blizzard frozen treat and feed it to some whore, probably tylers mom
"i just gave Tyler's whore ass mom a baby batter blizzard"
"oh snap ! that bitch sits four!"
by anus greasley December 3, 2007
When a man ejaculates in or on a woman, greatly increasing the chances of making a baby
We were having sex, and I knew I needed the Plan B pill after I felt his baby batter splatter
by AlpacaSheerer February 28, 2021
Another name for a penis utilizing the terms "baby batter" or semen, cum, jizz...and "battering ram" or large blunt object used to open things.
"Yo, isn't baby battering ram a funny name for a penis"

Re: "Yeah, kind of"
by babybatter August 2, 2009
2. Bissell Baby Batter is a vacuum used by girls that think abortions are a form of birth control.

This is #2 of 5 vacuums.
In one month April had already had 2 abortions and was thinking she was gonna have to go back in and ask the Dr. for a stronger abortion vacuum like the Bissell Baby Batter.
by Shucky Kunt February 14, 2019