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Baby Oil is referred to "Cum"
Pornstar: I'm gonna bust a nut
Pornstar 2: Pour that Baby Oil all over me
by ilayD June 13, 2019
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Baby Oil is fat extracted from undeveloped human sources, known as babies.

Like all fats, baby oils are insoluble in water but soluble in cheap vodka.

Oils extracted from minors have been used in many cultures, since ancient times. As an example, a 4000 year old "kitchen" unearthed in Liverpool was found to include an oil press and a large quantity of discarded child-husks. Archeologists believe that the tribes of Ancient Scouse would raise children as a source of cheap fuel.

The uses of baby oils can be divided into three main areas:

* Lubrication
* Fuel
* Threatening Children

Extracting Baby Oil:

* The "traditional" way of extracting baby oil uses several different types of mechanical extraction. This method is preferred by most Eco-Freakies in the USA and in Europe. Cheesegrater extraction is one type, and there are two other types that are both oil presses: the screw press and the ram press. Oil presses are commonly used in developing countries, among people for whom other extraction methods would be prohibitively expensive.

* The "modern" way of acquiring baby oil is by chemical extraction, using solvent extracts, which produces higher yields and is quicker and less messy. The most common solvent is Sunny Delight. This disolves the baby from the inside out, and it is then simple to seperate the oil from the solvent.
No, Baby Oil is not made of babies.... I am only kidding...
by kodiac1 July 06, 2006
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Best lube for titfuck and wanking.
Chloe accidentally spilt baby oil on her cleavage. I decided not to waste it so I fucked her gigantic breasts til I gave her a pearl necklace!
by Paul Lau January 10, 2006
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the stuff u rub all over you b4 sex, exellent lube! makes sex extra great!!!
by shaz November 18, 2003
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Sure, it's good for a wank, or smearing all over your girl/guy toy. Slippery and nutritious, it's usually the start of some kind of good thing. Appropriate for anal or vaginal sex, kind of a waste on oral, aural, and nasal, but it takes all kinds.

Just squeeze it out of the bottle--sometimes you have to squeeze from the bottom--a couple drops, and your good to go.
Squeeze some baby oil out, toots, and let's get down to it.
by MandarinClive March 05, 2009
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