Can be seen as yahia or the fat ingrim aaron
@yahiagam7 u've been acting like a baboon recently
by Fat alulu June 12, 2021
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1. A fat ape with a huge amount of body hair and BO originating from the far east.
2.A crappy insult.
1. Kid - Wow, Thats a fat Baboon.
2. Kid - Your a D*ck faced baboon.
by The Koaladude September 10, 2005
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a severe case of monkey butt in which your butthole hurts/itches from not wiping good enough usually made worse by sweat, usually is so bad that it causes the inflicted to uncontrollably itch their butthole similar to baboons
after the mx race i had a bad case of baboonitis.
by dirtboy70 February 24, 2010
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When a guy (the pitcher) ass-fucks another guy (the catcher) with such vigor that the ass cheeks of the guy getting cornholed turn bright red. Often, babooning results in the pitcher getting a cherry belly as well.
Romeo used up an entire tube of lube last night while babooning Damian.
by Garranimal July 11, 2009
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B.A.B.O.O.N.- big ass boner out of nowhere
Nimit got a baboon after CJ and Hillary asked him if he was an ass or a titty man.
by Katzenback December 09, 2007
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Going ass-to-ass with a partner and masturbating the other person through your legs.
After huffing paint, Shira and Danny babooned in the laundry room.
by Kendrick Paulson February 21, 2011
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Pooping. More along the lines of loud, explosive, gut wrenching pooping that feels like an entire family of baboons are tearing apart you intestines. Also used to describe pooping in public places so the general population has no idea what is about to happen.
"Hey Shane, are you ok in there? I heard a lot of noise."
"Yeah Larry, I am fine! I am just babooning."
by bizdoggette June 06, 2016
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