Used as a responding word, like "lol, "lmao" and "omg I can't even". Figuratively meaning that your leaving, like you can't deal with what has been said.
Requis: "Sometimes I wonder when you'll stop saying "BYE""
Felicia: "OMG BYE"
by moistpossum December 3, 2016
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When somebody says something stupid or funny instead of saying “lol” or “lmao” say BYE-
person: that was so funny lol
person 2: BYE-
by luciferslonelybil....IG April 13, 2020
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A phrase use by someone to avoid further humiliation or embarrassment in a conversation
Vinn: Ehh my pin got remove
Not lia: I totally didn't remove anything
Also not lia: BYE
by Not Vinn June 30, 2021
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This is a play on the phrase by-and-by which means: some future time or occasion.

By changing the spelling it implies that we are saying goodbye until some future time or occasion; til later on.

This is an especially useful phrase when you want to say goodbye to someone that has passed away.
Yo man, I miss you...I'll catch you in the bye-and-bye.
by abrupto12 July 2, 2009
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lyrics of the song ‘Icewhore’ by Lumi Athena.
Used by incels and looksmaxxers
Person 1: Bro, it’s so over for me.
Person 2: Nuh uh.
Person 1, after looksmaxxing or hammermaxxing: bye bye.
by solitarydude October 30, 2023
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what i would very much like to say to George H. W. Bush
Oh my god why did Bush get re-elected? can't i just say bye bye to that dumbass hick?
by yungbuck4ever April 28, 2007
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When something you say can go both ways, either good or bad, like a bisexual.
Alex: Hey, I'm Bout to have this one girl come to my house, but I never met her before.
Mike: Really? Are you nervous?
Alex: I dont know man its a bye bye.
by Alex Palmieri March 9, 2009
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