A girl named Felicia is a kind girl. When you first see her you’ll soon notice how friendly she is. After you get to know her you’ll soon notice how strange and abnormal she is. She is always kind and cheerful, but she can do the strangest things too. She knows when to be normal and when to not be. Felicia will always be there to make you happy, cheer you up, make you laugh, and make you feel amazing. Felicia is a great, but abnormal person.
Felicia is a nice, but strange girl.
by crazy_tiger43 February 01, 2018
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Felicia is a girl that has a rough past but doesn't let that stand in her way.she catches feelings easily but she doesn't let a guy get to her she hates fake people
by Thatgirl112233 July 21, 2019
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Hot af girl that will always be there for you and will fall in love easy but once she falls in love she is locked in.She is a funny,smart,and,loving person .She I’ll be there when you need her if your feeling down she will be there if you are having a party and nobody comes she will be the one to come .She is trust worthy if you invite people that you think are your friends over and they’re not she will be the one to cheer you up.
Hey is that Felicia over there(me)
Yeah do you want to talk to her (jadien)
Yeah for sure(me)
Ok I will get her(jadien)
Hey Felicia come here(jadien)
by Ashly cooper November 01, 2019
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Is a beautiful girl with so much haters & is lowkey asf & doesnt fuck with fake people & is also an amazing queen to her king
Queen felicia is beautiful, when is going to be mines

King Natashue Is Lucky to have Queen Felicia, like honestly
by @zappmyniqqahhmms January 19, 2017
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A constant source of comfort and my complete focus of attention. Meticulously sculpted in the visage of an angel. Such piercing and bright eyes that hide a troubled past, an uncertain present and a hopeful future. Expressions highlighted with accents of living color. A truly rare and selfless mind. A generous personality and a genuinely pleasant disposition. Someone so perfectly beautiful, inside and out, just full of love and life. A presence that could bring a smile to the most downtrodden and a heart so pure that it could cheerfully warm any of us even at our most bitter and jaded momennts. Captivating. A smile that melts ice. Keeper of my heart. My love. My good girl. My Felicia. My pet. My Kitten. My everything. I love you.
That's Felicia, she belongs to Master Decker.
by JJDecker November 30, 2013
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Felicia is an amazing girl with some attitude. She stands up for what she believes in and always loves to be around people who make her smile. She loves fashion and hanging out with friends. When she gets into arguments, she can just say, BYE FELICIA!!!
I think I've one this argument. Bye Felicia!

Man, I really need a girl like Felicia.
Wow, Felicia has a great taste in fashion!
by Happygirl5629 March 17, 2016
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A girl that is not be be fucked with at all. She will slap you in front of yo friends and will simply not give a fuck about it. She is feisty and will KNOCK any bitch head off in a second and she is quick to defend her friends/family when somebody messes with them. She is the cute asf and can take anybody's nigga but stays true and loyal to her one and only.
Dude: Bro i need a girl like Felicia, she don't play when it comes to hers
Dude 2: Fr bro these other bitches not bout it like Felicia
by BaddestBitchThatConquers November 08, 2017
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