The process of making yourself look better commonly used by incels.
Person 1: Richard Nixon started looksmaxxing.

Person 2: how? Did he finally start showering?
by Dick-shin harry December 17, 2021
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This is referring to physical improvement of a person's body - in terms of development of facial features or muscular improvement - in order to make oneself more attractive or easier to like.

This term is derived from a video game type idea of statistics (stats) and a levelling system where looks is one of those stats and max means the stat has been filled to the limit the game set.
"I spent the weekend looksmaxxing, I'm about to pull some," said the cringy 12 year old.

"Looksmax yourself dog. Man, you ugly as hell tbh" the 17 year old said to his brother before his first date.
by Milo Luwa October 29, 2023
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The study, science, philosophy and pursuit of bodily aesthetics and beauty, commonly focused on the face.

Looksmaxxers try to break down aesthetics into a science, and "maximize" their own by using whatever mechanism they believe will help them reach higher standards of beauty.
"I started looksmaxxing the other day, in 10 years I'm going to look like a marble statue."

"Have you heard of this thing called looksmax? I think you would be super into it."
by Tekaiguy May 27, 2022
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