Used to express something of lower-grade, a downgrade of something, or a rubbish version of something. Also used to refer to a dumb or idiotic person.

Originates from the BTEC qualification said to be taken by dumb people in order to a work-force job.
"Nokia is the BTEC iPhone"

"You're some BTEC wasteman"

"Ebay is the BTEC Amazon"
by CharredCracker March 13, 2019
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People taking GCSE courses will often look down on BTEC students, and use the term 'BTEC' as an insult to them.

It can then be more broadly used to mean 'stupid'
'Hey Cameron, you're so rubbish at this, you're so BTEC'

'Why would you do that? That's such a BTEC mistake to make'
by Biggsy1001 December 6, 2011
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Originally a secondary school qualification 'equivalent' to an Alevel. The term has changed meaning to describe something so pathetically stupid, it can only be described as BTEC
Luke: Dude have you seen Alan's gaming setup, he's playing with a trackpad.
Harry: That is so BTEC
by lukey8767 August 9, 2017
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A thing that tries to be another thing but is considerably worse that the original. (Originally comes from the inferior qualification that UK students can choose to take instead of the much better GCSEs and A-Levels)
"I hate movies, they are just BTEC books."
by RealHumanPerson April 29, 2020
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An accronym for 'Babs the Ejaculating Cow'
I asked BTEC if i could borrow his copy of Primal Fear
by Yes January 14, 2005
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BTEC is used to tease the educational system.
"Hey Guys, BTEC!"
by Gregory Wellesley June 19, 2018
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A crappy knockoff that doesn't try to knock off.
Logic is such a btec Eminem.
A pencil is a btec pen.
by AJuicyLemon February 6, 2018
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