An annoying individual without friends who always tries to start a conversation with your squad by saying "Hey Guys"
Jaewon: Omg look it's this Hey Guys again.
Blair: Ya, I can see him, let's leave before he comes to us.
by MUhashir September 27, 2016
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Someone who tries to be cool but is not.
Marty is so hey guys. He wears his collar up all the time.
by Jack April 28, 2003
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A racial slur derogatory towards black people that originated in China, but is widely used by the Asian population in Cleveland Ohio. It means "nigger" in mandarin.
Racist Chinese Guy: I'm tired of these Hei Guis selling drugs on our street corners
Other Racist Chinaman: Ya, they cause all of the crime in the neighborhood.
by PJ Judsun February 9, 2017
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Hey guys - used when you want to say hey to guys and such.
Guy 1 'hey guys'
Guys 2 and 3 'hey guys'
Random guy 'hey guys'
Ladies 'hey guys'
They 'hey guys'
by TheOGheyguys April 26, 2020
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When someone is of upstanding character and deserves more than "they are nice."
by The Gosh Dang Bruin February 10, 2020
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1. A phrase used to greet friends or other people close to you; usually is paired with "Arms Thing" while saying it.

Note: This is the one and only true definition.
Yellow: Hey Guys! *arms thing*
Blue: Ay Wassup!
Red: Sup Nigga!
by arms man January 9, 2010
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1) A greeting between two individuals who may or may not known one another's name.

2) A high energy textured rock group based in Manhattan, NY.
1) Hey (pause) guy.

2) Remember when one of the guitar players from Hey Guy was shredding while the other fed him a sandwich?
by AlwaysWantedLana December 30, 2011
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