babs = homegirl, the cool girl that chills and everyone likes.
What up babs? as to what babs bunny was to all the other cartoons. babs.
by mikey dav February 26, 2007
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acronym for Bomb Ass Bitch; female counterpart to the BAMF; class of female that surpasses all others in appearance, intelligence, wit, and general ability to do all things awesome; comparable to Trina, "the baddest bitch".
Ro Nasty is one B.A.B.
by i like arby's horsey sause February 04, 2008
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A Bad Ass Bitch, the type of girl that every man wants and few men can handle, women are jealous of and want to be like, and are just plain hardcore sexy ass chicks.
Damn that girl is a BAB, every guy wants to get with her!

I wish I could be as cool as those BAB's, those girls aren't nothin to mess with!
by DaQueenB March 30, 2009
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the person that fill your heart with wholesome happiness and love. they have a great personality, smile, and booty. they’re cute on the streets and a freak in the sheets. they know how to make you laugh and feel better about yourself and the world
friend: who was that you were with earlier?

me: oh! that was my bab!
by daddy splash July 08, 2018
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A person desired by all regardless of gender, age, caste, creed, and race.

(3 definitions)
1. nubile- (of a girl or young woman) sexually attractive

'Oh wow! She is so babs!'
2. sexy- sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality:

'Oh wow! She is so babs!'
3. aroused-

i- to stir to action or strong response; excite:

ii-to stimulate sexually.

'Dhruv was babs when he saw his side chicks'
by IlluminatiIsReal#13 January 15, 2020
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Poo, shit, crap, turd.
West yorkshire slang
Oooh, I need a bab.
I've just done a right big bab
by Chris Byrne February 10, 2005
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Used as a form of endearment in the midlands of England esp. Birmingham and the Black Country. Similar phrases may be "my dear" or "duck". Used frequently by middle aged women to young men.
That'll be two pounds please babs
by Rich Lawson May 22, 2005
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