Someone who will love you through anything; life partner.
You will always be my bab, forever.
by eyesonfire12 October 9, 2018
Often used in the West Midlands region as a term of endearment, as a way of adressing a person. More commonly used in the north of Birmingham in places like Dudley, Wolverhampton, Chelmsley Wood.
To be said in a Brummie accent "Yam Alrite Bab" or "How you doing Bab" or just plain "Alrite Bab"
by Andrea Connolly April 24, 2008
I remember when I was a young bab...I shoved a fork in a light socket and died.
by Lord of the Idiots July 27, 2018
An Acronym; Basic Autism Baby
Usually refers to a male or a male that acts as if he is missing a chromosome....but in reality he is just a little autistic.
*Anything Exists*
Nathan: gEt oUt oF mY hOuSe !!!!
Me: damn it don’t be such a bab.
by DaddyHunter69 March 11, 2020
It all started on one small game in the year of 2016. It meant something small and chibi; something that's somewhat similar to chibi anime. You'll find that something to be cute, and adorable. You can set this term to pretty much anything you'd find adorably cute, and small.

It doesn't depend on age at all.
Example: "man, she's really cute and small. She's nice, and just perfect. She reminds me well of a bab."
by SoftPaws293746 June 18, 2018
A good looking handsome person (basically male) who can turn necks when he passes through.
Look at that person, how Bab is he looking!!!
by The Great Mind May 16, 2014