a "bad ass breakfast sandwich", usually consisting of bacon, eggs, and american cheese on a bagel or english muffin
Guy 1: Dude, I'm so hangover but I just had to make a babs.

Guy 2: How was it?

Guy 1: It was so good, it's in the name.
by urban238 January 30, 2010
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A super hot pirate woman who stops people in their tracks from her hottness
She that Babs?! Yarr! She be the diamond of the high seas! Shes gonna walk my "plank" later!
by Mancakes November 05, 2006
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A horrible/lousy/hideous school principal, esp. of the female variety. Also able to be used as an insult (VERY degrading!)
"Run, Babs is coming!"

"Oh, stop being such a Babs!"
by Srah Pie April 14, 2005
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an acronym standing for Boss Ass Bitch. A self-empowered person who identifies as female.
I don't need a man to pay for my bills, because I'm self-sufficient; in fact, I am a B.A.B.
by real hitta December 30, 2013
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An Acronym; Basic Autism Baby
Usually refers to a male or a male that acts as if he is missing a chromosome....but in reality he is just a little autistic.
*Anything Exists*
Nathan: gEt oUt oF mY hOuSe !!!!
Me: damn it don’t be such a bab.
by DaddyHunter69 March 10, 2020
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