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When you have to pee really bad but are stuck in traffic and just can't hold it any longer.
I really shouldn't have stopped for that beer after work because the freeway was jammed and I had a traffic accident- now I have to get the car detailed to get the piss out of the seat.
by Omar O. Ungh October 06, 2010
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this word does not exist because any vehicle collision is not accidental. Vehicle collisions are caused by people who do not pay attention to what the hell they are doing while they are operating a vehicle.
Most incidents happen because of poor judgement. Remember to STOP (meaning to fully come to a halt) at STOP signs and Red lights. If turning right on red, stop, look, then proceed if you are clear to do so.
If you are eating whilst driving, do not bend down to look for a fallen object....please, please, please Pull the fuck over first. I don't need your ass plowing into my rear end and having me jump through hoops for insurance matters.
Don't tailgate ( 3 second following distance)
Roads are not race tracks; weaving in and out of traffic only increase your chances of causing a collision
And don't drink or do drugs before driving....most of you fucking crackheads don't even have insurance
There is no such thing as a traffic accident; there are only stupid people who make stupid judgement calls which turn into collisions, which, in turn pisses off other motorists behind them because they can't get to where the fuck they are going on time.
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The act of defecating on your partners genitals and once done, drag your ass from the zone of defecation, towards the head. Creating a skid mark... Resembling a car skidding out of control, leaving marks that lead to the nasty pile up at the end.
"I got freaked out first time she asked me to give her a Traffic Accident but then she tossed my salad and...
It's like a Hot Karl, with a little twist.
by torontonian000005 November 21, 2008
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