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I remember when I was a young bab...I shoved a fork in a light socket and died.
by Lord of the Idiots July 27, 2018
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A Meme that has been overused to the point where it is no longer used or is used by out of touch normies and/or millennials.

Examples are "deez nuts," "21," "Damn Daniel," "what are those," and "Doge," to name a few.
Person 1: DEEZ NUTS LOL 21 21 XD

Person 2: Stop using dead memes you sad uncultured man.
by Lord of the Idiots August 2, 2018
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A swear originally used to offensively refer to a woman, though it can be used toward anyone, both male and female.

In my opinion, the word should be reserved for the most unlikable and despicable people out there. People who do/have done horrible things and use terrible reasons to justify their actions for doing so.
by Lord of the Idiots August 2, 2018
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