British acronym standing for Born Again Biker. A person, usually a male in their forties or fifties, who goes through some sort of life crisis and buys themselves a huge, expensive motorcycle together with loads of expensive gear and takes to the road in an attempt to capture their lost youth. This is invariably unsuccessful and many get over it after twelve to eighteen months, some unlucky ones, however, become traffic accident statistics.
Have you heard, Mike's become a BAB and bought himself a huge, fucking Ducati!
by Croatalin December 12, 2013
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West Yourkshire Slang for 'feces', 'poo', 'excrement', 'shit'.
Quite an amusing term.
'i need a bab'
'too late, i've just babed myself' "/
'it smells like bab!'
by jim jameth October 24, 2008
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Acronym for "Bitch Ass Bitch"

Someone who is a bitch ass bitch, i.e. a person with an undesirable attitude.
Person A: "Damn, Bruce is being a huge bab today."
Person B: "Nah... he's just being himself, he's always a bab."
by Luther McMasters July 08, 2005
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A term given to large breasts on a girl. Usually this term is said by a guy who looks at a girl's breasts before anything else.
"Wow... Look at the Babs on her!"
by TJrokchik April 23, 2008
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"Wow, Sarah and Alex are so crazy, they really are BAB's."
by babbalicious. December 20, 2009
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