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Code word between men used within the presence of easily offended females. Stands for Bitches & Hos.
Trish: Jon, I want to go to the movies.

Jon: Why can't we just chill here with Dennis?

Trish: You know what? Fuck off. Nevermind.

Jon: But--

Dennis: B&H, man. B&H.

Jon: No fucking shit.

Trish: Excuse me?

Jon: Shut up, B.

Dennis: Yeah, fuck off, H.
by Grango February 03, 2006
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Short for "black and hairy". A description of a hirsute man with black hair.
Check out Alan. He sure is B & H.
by stauffenator October 25, 2009
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Short for Benson and Hedges, a popular cigarette brand with young students in New Zealand.
Customer (to shop attendant): Hey bro, can I grab 2 20's of B&H?
by Some kiwi July 23, 2006
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