"heart to heart"

spill your guts to a friend during a heart to heart conversation

actually the person doesn't even have to be a friend. go have a h2h with some random person on the street.
I called her on the phone and she was bawling. we had a h2h
by alpha January 20, 2000
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"Head to Head"

A one on one competition between 2 players at Worth1000.com, instigated by a challenge in the Head to Head Forum.
So I lost my first ever H2H to lostinyonkers... that stinks.
by Matoogs August 28, 2004
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hand-to-hand, as in hand-to-hand combat, without weapons. The term does not preclude use of other body parts, like legs, knees, and elbows. It also doesn't require that the entire fight be stand-up combat or exclusive of ground combat, like grappling and wrestling.
Those two drunk fuckers got into some mean H2H combat back outside the bar.
by TheUrbanatorist October 6, 2011
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Human to Human. The internet and technology cause many to just text or email, but a good old fashion Human to Human phone call can be much more effective communication that 5, 10, 20 electronic responses.
Thanks for the text/email. A H2H phone call can be much more effective than going back and forth all day or longer. Give me a real phone call.
by Human in Oregon April 24, 2019
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Having a heart to heart (h2h) conversation with your colleague during a coffee break, while at work
A: "Susan, where have you been? The boss has been calling you"
Susan: "I was having a Coffee h2h with B"
A: "Huh?"
Susan: "Ohh a heart to heart conversation during the coffee break"
by NonSen November 25, 2009
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