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Nice and sick gamer who never loses. Also a true friend who never lies, usually born April 10. Awet describes roadmen at lv 10. Legend also says anyone who misuses this word will be cursed for all of eternity.
Omg is that THE Awet like omg he is sick
by GERMAN RABBIT October 30, 2019
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Noun. A weedy, pathetic and spineless person of questionable character. A sycophant by demeanour, typically someone whose nose is frequently exposed to the excrement around the rectums of others who hold positions of authority or influence.
Oh James is such a wet, he makes my skin crawl.
by MrMegaMcWang February 13, 2017
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A Africa boy who is short and fast but a hit with the chicks and has a sense of humour
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by The but huger March 12, 2018
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