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Sienna. Where do I even start? She is always going to be there for you no matter what. Even if she is having the worst day ever. She sometimes gets a bit stressed and over thinks things but always pulls out in the end. She is a great person to go to for advice and hugs. If you have a Sienna in your life, never let her go!! She is so much fun to hang out with and constantly puts you first.
Sienna is the best friend in the world!!
by dancer0705 December 01, 2018
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A beautiful and stunning person inside and out. Has a great smile and incredibly funny, and very sweet! She shows compassion and is caring! She is athletic and easy going! But is loved by all :!
Sienna is the blond girl of my dreams :P
by Mattie_for_Sienna August 26, 2012
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Sienna ,sienna, sienna , what can you say Sienna is such a beautiful girl all the girls and boys wanna be her friends she might not seem friendly at first but once you get toooooo know her you will instantly love her she is sooo wonderful Funny and weird and very very prettyyy she has so
Many friends from inside of
School and out . Everyone wants to know sienna she is such an amazing person if you know a sienna I suggest you talk to her hahaha
Omg look it’s siennnaaaa

Omg hi Siennaa
Sienna your soo prettyyy
Siennnaa hiii
by Shalloom November 12, 2019
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1. A beautiful, classy girl. Artistic, passionate--a go getter. Deep emotionally with an amazing capacity to love and be loved. Very talented and everyone's best friend. A natural mother and nurturer. Girls want to be her, Guys want to marry her.

2. The color of chocolate mixed with caramel. Darker in the summer (Burnt Sienna) and cooler in the winter (Raw Sienna)

3. A beautiful woman of color...or with a tan!
" Sienna is so great! I can't wait for my mom to meet her! "

" Your eyes are are beautiful shade of raw sienna... "

" She is like a nubian princess!--at total 'Sienna!' "
by Burnt Amber February 02, 2010
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She is the Best person alive bro!! SHE IS SOOO FREAKING LOYAL AND NICE IT’S NOT FUNNY ❤️❤️! She can make your day better just by saying hi and she is EXTREMELY supportive! Everyone likes her and she’s easy to be friends with! She doesn’t come with the requirements other friends have, just be nice and loyal and you’re good. Sisi you’re my Homie, ILYSFM❤️❤️❤️❤️-Jazzy
Person#1- Yo, that girl sienna, she’s so nice!!
Jazzy- That’s my BFF!!
by JA1128 December 09, 2017
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Sienna can get all the guys she wants, she is a beautiful person inside and out. Everyone always loves sienna as soon as they meet her and will always want to be her friend. She is an absolute slayer who all the boys love and want. Every girl wants to be her best friend, and every guy wants to marry her.
Oh wow is that sienna, she is the hottest, hottie in all of hottiedom
by ohh babyy June 10, 2017
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