OMG. How are Sienna’s so pretty. Literally they tan so perfectly. Like chocolate mixed with caramel. They usually have brown hair and hazel eyes. And don’t get me started on there personality. Cause Omg wow. They are the most funniest, crackhead, crazy friend you will ever meet. Also they are so freaking weird but you no in like a good kind of weird. They are so loyal and kind. Overall the nicest person that you will ever meet she’ll be a crazy weird friend and will always be there for you even on her darkest days. I just want to say for all the Sienna’s out there I love you and get it girl.
by Dïnö_nüggëts March 7, 2021
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A very sexy bitch who is an amazing good looking person . You should be friends with anyone called sienna because they are sexy and u don’t wanna mess with them. They have a big ass and big tits. Very badass
Omg it’s sienna
Omg run!!
Nahh let’s be her friend she’s so cool
by November 23, 2021
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Pretty, encouraging girl who does the most she can to make you laugh, Sienna may be shy on the outside but once you get to know her your ribs will hurt from laughing , if you have a Sienna in your life , never let her go.
Yo Sienna is so funny.
by Astridlover8292 November 4, 2021
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Sienna is a very sweet girl . Maybe even one of the nicest you have ever met . Has a great heart and is just truly the greatest . Is very happy and bright but may be tough on her self emotionally or when she’s alone . Is very pretty and has lots of friends . A unique personality . Brown hair and brown eyes ... pretty perfect huh? Usually Mexican in some way .
Wow Sienna such a dream huh?!
by Tomhollandshot November 9, 2019
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A caring girl that can be complicated, but she always pulls through through, she will through her feelings away just to make her friends feel better. She has to fight through a lot, bit always returns for someone in need. She's athletic and boys may be scared of her, but she's tough and will beat anyone up for her friends. Honestly, if you have a friend named Sienna, you have been blessed, never let her go, she's the best thing that will ever happen to you. She's fucking pretty and has a beautiful smile and even better laugh.
Is that Sienna, she's so cute
by NoFrameofReference December 27, 2018
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Sienna is the type of person who's funny and cute and beautiful and has a great smile all at the same time. She's the type of girl that u always want to hang out with.
Sienna, sexy
by T-tray December 6, 2019
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