A very sexy person who has a big ass and big tits. Is really badass and everyone should be friends with her. Don’t mess with any siennas because they are baddies. Be scared grrr
Omg it’s sienna
Nah I want to be her bestie
by November 23, 2021
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Sienna is the type of person who's funny and cute and beautiful and has a great smile all at the same time. She's the type of girl that u always want to hang out with.
Sienna, sexy
by T-tray December 6, 2019
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Sienna oh my days she is the most freaking finest and beautiful girl in the world . Once you meet her you will never want to lose, she is the most freaking nicest and sweetest girl on earth and she will make you laugh so much yo the point where you cannot breathe because she’s that funny. She is that gorgeous that when she is all dressed up every boy wants her there and then . All the girls get jealousy of how pretty she is and want to be like her and have her beauty . You are lucky if you know a sienna because boys she will stunn you away one day and girls she will always be there for you and have your back ! She can be sexy and cute whenever she wants . oh her sexy side will take your breath away !!!!
“Bro who the hell is that sexy girl over there”
“That’s sienna, she is fucking fine isn’t she?”
“Jheeezzz I want her”
by Tannershin November 3, 2018
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Pretty, encouraging girl who does the most she can to make you laugh, Sienna may be shy on the outside but once you get to know her your ribs will hurt from laughing , if you have a Sienna in your life , never let her go.
Yo Sienna is so funny.
by Astridlover8292 November 4, 2021
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She’s a cat and dog person, which should tell you a lot. She’s quiet on the outside but inside there’s a blazing fire. She is a fighter, and puts others before herself. She’s always there as a shoulder to cry on, a lamp to brighten your day. She is the kind of person we need more of.
“How can you like pickles, Sienna, they’re gross!”
“Wow Sienna is such a good friend.”
by dogsaregreatandsoarecats July 1, 2018
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Sienna is a wonderful beautiful perosn she’s isn’t understanding and amazingly funny If you have any problems she is always there for you . Sienna is very athletic and popular everyone wants to be like her if I was you I wouldn’t mess with her . She always keeps her word she’s perfect in her own way
Omg look it’s sienna I wanna be like her
by Simal March 29, 2019
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